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 Your chickens look fine to me, they've got loads of room to scratch around. Happy chickens lay delicious eggs. Do you eat the chickens too?

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We don’t eat our own chickens yet, hoping to move to a bigger farm next year with space to expand then we’ll definitely be keeping both :yep:

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Bear in mind at least half those chicks could be cockrels

 They can’t all stay together

keeping chickens is easy and rewarding

foxproofing is high priority

as is being ready for rats that invariably arrive

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Posted (edited)

Check out the Omlet range of moveable, funky designed, fox proof pens. You'll pick one up on e-bay for the same price as a new 630 CMH.


As been said, they'll destroy a garden in the nicest possible way..

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This morning’s little haul:



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I cook chicken wings later.

After that I hope your chickens are ready. lol

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