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any air cooled reflector users?

Hello there. I have used the XXL air cooled reflectors before in my big 2.4 by 2.4 tent, but they are extremely heavy, and the pigs stole them.  

SO......I'm down sizing to a 2.4 by 1.2 tent and was considering some of the cheaper air cooled options, which will hopefully be lighter in weight and will not bend the top poles of my cheapo tent. 

I was looking at the possibility of putting in 3 of the smaller air cooled reflectors in this tent as was wondering if any of you run this set up, and what its like for temps etc.

I would also be interested in any recommendations for air cooled hoods and any to avoid.

I know the cool tubes are fairly crap, but I also don't want to really spend a fortune on reflectors, maybe 60 odd quid a pop.


Any recommendations?

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hi mate. my reply is really nothing to do with your post but its good sometimes to get some info regarding 3 x 600's and a 2.4x1.2x2 tent. my experience is i have an 8"A1 rvk and a 5 step transformer variac type controller of which i run 3 600's with a fan running between canopy and lights and it runs on speed 3 with 2 x 10" passive intakes, one of which is sucking cool winter air from a open window, venting into another room. i get temps of 24 within 30 mins of closing tent after tending to them. summer temps with that setup i'm not sure as i've never ran it. i'd say you'd need either cool hoods or an air conditioning unit in a box with intake getting taken with ice cold air. come late spring early summer i think i will be purchasing 3 x 80cm sun king vertical bulb parabolics as i hear they are great at dispersing heat. they can be modified by drilling holes/bending the top centre to allow more heat to escape. i'd be reluctant to get an air cooled hood due to the reduction in par. it would be my last resort and i'd probably go for a magnum xxl for the amazing coverage. i guess i'd only get 2 in a 2.4mx1.2 as they're massive! second on my list would be a standard sunmaster or powerplant box aerowing type. i currently use the standard eurowing reflector....

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I had a pair of magnum XXLs but they are heavy as fook, and were bending my tent poles.They were well built tho and sealed properly,. A mate has the double ended raptors, which are great, but way out of my budget.

I was looking for a cheaper option. 

Ive seen the 50 quid jobs on fleabay, but they don't look up to much. I'm sure there will be some good ones out there, for around 60 quid.


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