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Flat Earth again.

Hey 420,


Another Flat Earth theorist has decided that space isn't real,here you go...




Now that countries like India have a space program it won't be long before the Earth is confirmed as being flat.


Russia and Chinas programs were obviously so poor that they didn't discover the Earth was flat,muppets.

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Wouldn't it be better to post this shite in the flat Earth thread? :unsure: Seeing as we already have one over 200 pages long. :russian:     

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hark ..what is this i just been sent ..a new documentary by `scientists` that prove what the shape of the world is supposedly ..


they did science to find out sciency things and came to a conclusion thats scientific ..




Scientists at Dakila Pesquisas release documentary proving that the Earth is not round  Russia - English 


Edited by vince noir rock n roll star
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Looks like someone went to the pool with their kids and seen the segregated  kids shallow paddling pool, and the main pool And thought.. Ahhhh.. I  know!



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check for the little veruca bath ..think its near us on the map

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