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How did i kill my plants in NFT?

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I think you pretty much got it without me saying @MyDisplayName2000.  Even though i have a net in place my cubes started moving and twisting out of place. So the roots were pulled and spreader mat moved. I think this caused the damage to the leaves that i confused for cal mag def. I topped up the res and gave them a dose of epsoms. This is when the drooping began. The ec was previously about 0.8 and was topped up every 2 days or so as the plants were eating and drinking alot. When i gave them the dose of epsoms they stopped both eating and drinking, i believe the ec stopped this? Together with rising temps......The ec was set to 1.2 but rose to 1.5 when i checked again after the drooping. Of the 3 ladies only one seemed badly affected but as mentioned above if one gets ill they all get ill. I think my main issues were the movement of the cubes and my foolishness in giving them a high feed with epsoms. I'll be breaking out the  bubbler next and getting a water chiller. I found dcw to be much more forgiving than these crappy nft tables.

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What I done was tie down the cubes so they would not move. Even so, I have seen plants lost in NFT and although it can be a great cheap and easy system, it does have its downsides.


Its why I prefer organic soil grows. Each to its pot and if one gets ill then it will not hit the rest.

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