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Lemon Zkittle & Bubba Island Kush in the Night Garden

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Chopped this Lemon Zkittle down now folks but took a few last pics before doing so :yep: 


She we really easy to trim and lovey tight flowers with very little leaf to trim off apart from the fans, plenty of scissor hash too...which I'm currently toking on :D   Took me three quarters of an hour and now the buds are hanging, I don't expect it to take that long to dry as temps are up and the testers were done enough in five days to smoke without needing a flash dry.












Thanks for watching :v: 

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Looks nice, how much you reckon is on her?

Nanna in second pic?

Not that it matters.


Enjoy.. :yinyang:






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Yeah I see what you mean in the second pic...does look like one, but I didn't notice anything on the trim, so could be the odd one and timely chop if so...Had to come down anyway lol I've run out room with the veggers and they've gone straight into bloom.


Weight wise I don't know tbh, they didn't get as fat as I wished, but I knocked the lamp down to 250 because they got too close to it and was maxed out...bud were quite heavy and dense though, so we'll see after the dry, will lose a bit with the warm weather :headpain: 


 Cheers bud :v: 



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another fine show you have put on here mate spot on  :)

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Gorgeous mate :yep:

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Very very nice mate. Very light buds. Seen 3 grows come together now with these and every one I have thought very light buds. Got a feeling they will dry and cure really well.



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