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Advice to feeding

Hi guys and good new year ...

I want a small advice ..I hope my English will be understable :wanker:

I have bought veg boost from plant magic ...my question is : how should I use this product like : I have 3 plants just germinated I usually use 1 ml per 1litre and half! 

I don't understand if is good to  give it at every watering ?  

I try to read about this product but they don't specify  they just said add it to give a good start at the small plant !!! 

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I don't use PM nutes but it sounds like a root tonic. If you're putting your seedlings / cuttings in good soil they should only need water for at least a couple of weeks . 




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Like breezus said if your seedlings are in good soil they should be ok for the first few weeks. I have a white widow auto on day 9 i wont be adding any nutes for atleast 2 more weeks 

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