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Humboldt seeds Green Crack & Sapphire OG

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Sorry its been so long since the last post. They've all been in the jars nicely for some time now. I can now say with confidence that the Sapphire OG is the strongest strain I've grown to date. Both plants. Now I can't wait to crack the other 3 and buy some more!




As expected, the yield from them both was significantly lower than the GC's, I think a significant reason for this is down to the fact that the GC's just grew and stretched to the point where they had way more than their fair share of light/net. The buds on this second green crack are monstrous, both these plants - while not as strong as the OG's - have been big yielders with pretty buds and are full of smells and flavours. Just to show you what I mean by yield difference, here are the largest top buds from the last GC and OG I chopped down.




I really can't wait to run these Sapphire OG's again and see what they can do with the space all to themselves. This is the nicest smoke I've ever produced, a couple of my mates who used to live in amsterdam tried it and highly rated it. Quite the strong toke, very hashy. Chokes me on the bong like no other!


Here's a few more of the Green Crack. Lovely looking buds, really funky smells (kinda fruity, kinda meaty).




This plant just didnt seem to want to stop growing, I took her to 12 weeks just out of curiousity. Lots of foxtailing on this one too, even though my lights are cooled the height difference between the two strains really meant I couldn't really stop these getting too close.


It's been a brilliant experience growing these strains. The only challenges I've had have been of my own doing. These plants have been an absolute pleasure to grow, I've learnt so much just from this grow and things have really paid off. Extremely happy with my results, I shall most definitely be purchasing another pack of Sapphire OG's. In fact, I can't believe this strain hasnt been grown by that many people compared to other strains on offer from HSO. Maybe that'll all change now!


Thanks again to @HSO-Mark for giving me the opportunity to grow out some of HSO's amazing stock and find my first keeper! Top notch!

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Once I've got my head and nose around the smells coming off these Green Crack's, I'll try to describe them better lol

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You did a terrific job with the HSO genetics and by the sound of thing our sapphire OG is a firm favourite and the green crack looks and sounds lush :bong:


So glad you put your name down to run these strain and thank you for doing this mini write up after you gave time for a nice cure :yep:


If you would like to try more HSO strains im only a pm away my friend  :)


Until then enjoy that HSO goodness  :bong:


Kind regards 



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