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Help - Automatic indoor yellow leaves

Photos at bottom of the post




I’m growing 4 plants (Feminised Northern lights automatic)


8L fabric pots 

soil: plagron light mix (with perlite)

Fans: Static 6” on highest setting 


Nutrients: None

(Baby bio is coming tomorrow)


Carbon filter + extraction (I have a 6” but currently it’s not in use) smell isn’t currently not a problem but I’m unsure how to set it up correctly


Temp: not monitored 

Humidity: not monitored 


Small seedlings are 5 days old

The larger one is 17 days old


The leaves are slightly yellow. 

Any suggestions why my plant is slightly yellow (im thinking lack of nitrogen or co2) and is my plant looking the right size / healthy for 17 days old.






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Hey dude,


I'm no expert in comparison to the rest of the folk here but you really need to be monitoring temp/humidity as this is pretty crucial.  Baby Bio?  Is this for real?  I'd recommend a grow/bloom of some sort at the very least!  Cal/mag & possibly some other enhancers although grow and bloom should be enough until you gain more knowledge.  It doesn't look like they are watered much, look dry and possibly cooked, I'd be expecting the 17 day old one to be bigger then yours currently.  Also what light you using? Didnt mention that?

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600w duel spec hps

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Looks like your frying them. How far is the light away? I would say 600W is to powerful for them. 250W would be better

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On 10/2/2017 at 0:34 PM, InternetProtocol said:

extraction (I have a 6” but currently it’s not in use)

there is your problem. when small/ seedlings they need air to be the right temp. with a 600w hps i bet its about 38c with no air outlet fan on. 

sort out your extraction fan, and they will be fine im sure. 

just hang the fan from the tent roof polls. and conect up the ducting, the fan will have a arrow on it letting you know what side of the fan blows air out. thats not the end you conect to your carbon filter. the c/f go,s on the end of the fan that sucks air, and ducting on the other end of the fan extracting the hot air out of the tent/ room. 

is that what you ment by wanting to know how to set up your fan/ filter ?

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get some bungie cords with hooks on the end, the ones that are ment to fix bags on the back of push bikes, use those to hang your fan and filter from the tents polls. 

your talking of about half hours work on your own. or if you have sumone to help you will have it hung up working in no time. 

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