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Using organic soil to grow plants in a growbox setting

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3 minutes ago, Jimboo said:

@GreengoStarr I suppose he could harvest in stages mate , Take the top colas and let the lower branches have more time and exposure 

That's certainly true enough, but I would still recommend two plants maximum as I know the core coverage on my viparspectra 450w is only about 2.5 square feet so the 300w is going to be smaller still.

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1 hour ago, GreengoStarr said:


I have a viparspectra 450W and I use it in conjunction with a different 450w LED, giving a total of 455 real watts. I use these in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent and that is still not enough. What you have in mind though is very different. 


I don't know the footprint for the 300w, but I imagine it's pretty small, but if you are only interested in amassing seeds, then I would imagine it would be ok for two small plants. If you tried to grow more I imagine you would suffer from very poor light penetration resulting in the lower buds not ripening properly. Also, it depends on your growing style. I would strongly recommend either a scrog or heavy LST. This way you open up all the bud sites.


Thank you GreengoStarr. Always good to hear others' experiences and thoughts. didn't think about "crucify" the babies to ensure the lights reach every part of the plant. And putting a net too could ensure more buds thus more seeds. So a 300W should be enough for two plants (relatively small?)

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