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6inch rock wool cubes in Autopot?

Planning a bit of a switch around on my next run and using 6inch rockewool cubes in an NFT alongside my Autopot's which I have also used with coco.


Do people run rockwool cubes in Autopot's? If so what's the best way to set them up and do you think I'll get a better return using them, all conditions equal.


Im thinking clay pebbles underneath and around the cube?

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The autopot system, IMO, is probably one of the worst systems available if not executed correctly. The big issue is the bottom feeding due to lack of oxygen and any lack of run off which means if the user isn't feeding absolutely correctly, any excess salts build in the medium, a weekly flush through the top of the pots should happen - but I do not think even a weekly flush is enough really when the rest of the week the roots are generally salty and oxygen deprived.


If you insist on using rockwool in an autopot system, then you want to be looking at rockwool croutons (or atleast thats what we call them) which is a bag of small rockwool cubes about 1x1x1cm, you can just place your existing rockwool block a few mm deep on the top of the croutons and away you go. 


Rockwool holds loads of moisture, I really wouldn't recommend it in autopots. Have a look at Flood & Drain or Drain to Waste for Rockwool IMO those are the best two methods to get the best from the medium. Rockwool in NFT is just an anchor point IMO, it doesn't really "use" the medium like F&D and DTW.

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