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Guest uzi


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On 16/06/2017 at 10:36 AM, Owderb said:

Boxing is a mockery most of the time now anyway but this is taking the piss



PPV price announced at £69.85 ($89.99) standard and £77.60 ($99.99) for HD.










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What the fuck :doh:


Like I said a massive piss take. Anyone who pays for that wants their swede looking at lol



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Mayweather needs to pay a tax bill, see..

Gotta get it from somewhere, i suppose. 


seventy odd quid, be fukked.


thats what the American market ppv usually is for a big fight. That's nothing strange, but that shit won't Wash  in the UK.. lol


Dunno what the underline was all about.. 



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UK price hasn't been announced yet,  may/pac was £25, probably be the same or possibly £30. I doubt any higher.

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Another one sided fight for euwank he stole the belt off some aussie in his last fight and follows it up with another shit fighter who struggles to hit he's wife no doubt,,,pay per view piss taking joke

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Caught up on the pressers for the farce that is mayweather  and McGregor...


Wtf is happening with the sport, it was like watching some  shat wrestling script..

Not that mayweathers script was great,  he has zero trash talk and didn't have a clue how to come back. instead he just stood there saying  YEH, YEH,YEH...

This  whole thing is a dark moment for the sport..  really fukkin is.

Wow.. just fukkin wow, so sad to see it come to this. :(

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