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what's up guys i am new to this been threatening to sign up for a while but i need to now to seek advice, if your a hydroponic guru then talk to me! what is this problem i am having? i switched to 12/12 just over three weeks ago 

the last two weeks i have had the edges of the leaves curling in tightly but the past 48 hours i have got slight spotting and patching appearing? the top leaves seem skinny since i switched also? ask me what you need to know to diagnose?

growing in brummie bubbler/wilma system diy thing i made got sick of all wasted water with my rdwc so made this for a single plant. 


really need guidance trying to finish this must have spent 2000 pound on different equipment etc but its all boiling down to my soup mixing skills which are non existent! i have many questions and nobody to answer them?!? 

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how do i insert photos???

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Hello mate. 


Mate I don't know what a '  brummie bubbler/wilma system diy thing ' is, but I take it you have them in water with heaps of bubbles? Next time you grow try perlite in a pot, much cheaper and less problems. I've been doing it that way for over 20 years with very few probs. I know that's no help to you now but new growers always spend heaps and make the hydro shop owners smile.


The curling leaves can be several things but check your temps 1st and could also explain your thin leaves. Just place your hand at the top of the plant and if it feels uncomfortable for your hand then it's too hot. But I need a lot more info, what type of lights? Bubbler systems can get a bit complex so really need to know feed regime and type of nutes? 

I have tried the bubbler system, a long time ago, but remember how much of a pain it was. Ph and nute levels were a nightmare! 


There is heaps of info on this site for posting pics but I found it a bit tricky. However, it would be much easier if I could have a look at the leaves and plant/s.


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get in there i have figured it out! 

hi ausrock, yeah i had a dwc on the go but i couldnt get them started so i made this diy one its just a ten litre pot of clay pepples sittint over a 40L resivour with 30L of air per minute 

the lights are dimlux 400v 720w i have two but they are both turned down to 390w i have plants in coco sharing the same lights showing no problems of heat stress 


i was using advanced sensi during veg had heaps of problems so switched to general hydroponics for flowering with advanced additives 

day 25 in to flower 

5.9 ph 1000 ppm 

temp top of tent 29

temp at canopy 28

45-60 % humidity 

using flora trio at the rate on the bottle and currently big bud full strength and b52 half strengh and voodoo half strength 

R.O water being used also! i was using cal mag but looking at the flora trio soft water base i should not need it so i have laid of it? maybe i was over doing it? 


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The plants are showing signs of over feeding. I would stay with the 'general hydroponics for flowering' without the 'advanced additives'. Maybe drop your nutes back to 800ppm for a couple of days then go back to 1000ppm and just see how they go without any additives.     


One of the biggest bugs with doing the bubbler system(or variations of it) is over feeding. I would use clay balls in future. Not sure how coco coir would go in your type of system.


R.O water should be tops as is. 


If possible I would be running my lights at full.





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Whats water temp mate? R.O you in UK? Ive never ran RO in ten years of DWC.  Temps seem fine (what you've put up), Don't get too alarmed either. What strain you growing, ok i can see you've established you've been overdosing on cal mag. Was the clue in the leaves going blue?

Edited by Ronnie the roach
Re read and he has sorted it

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