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Low Stress Training

Just a little guide to Low stress training or LST


I've been using LST in combination with pea netting for quite a while now. The LST makes a bushy plant with lots of branches and the pea netting lets you place buds where you want them but also helps support heavy flowers deep into flowering. It gives a nice even canopy kind of like a screen of green but with a little more ease of placing tops that get a bit out of hand.


  anchor.jpg             cut.jpg


When the plants are established enough to with stand pulling in all directions, using that nylon garden stringy stuff I tie a length around the middle of the pot to create an anchor point that I can then tie the branches down to. On bigger pots i drill holes around the rim instead. The smaller pots are a lot easier to crack when drilling hence the string. Just to note the two plants above are different ones a seedling ones a cutting, ill concentrate on the cutting.


  loop.jpg             lst.jpg                          


 Tying a loose loop round the branch you wish to tie down gives the plant some room for when the branches grow thicker. The leading top is pulled right down to the side of the pot and tied in place leaving what was previously side branching to take over as the main tops


  group.jpg             growth.jpg


The process is repeated until all plants are tied down to a similar height. After a few days the side braches have taken over as the leading tops and will become the next candidates to be tied down


  second tie.jpg             above.jpg


Tying the next lot of growth when the plant has multiple branches its a idea good to think about where those tops should go. I try to put them evenly spaced around the shape of the pot. The more they grow and get tied down the more and more side branches will shoot up.





After a while a bushy plant with many tops will be achieved, a pea netting is then stretched over and LST stopped. The tops are now pulled under the net instead and placed as evenly as possible across the growing area. A second net is usually installed before the initial stretch in flower and will become the main support for all the buds.



     Blues week 2                           Blues Day 47


On the left the stretch is coming to a halt and the plants have grown nicely into the second screen, on the right what its all about :) an even canopy with plenty of top buds all in the right place

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Lovely and neat mate!


Do you get much under bud? I do similar to this and I'm still not fully happy with my timings when it comes to lollypopping that under growth. I take loads off and generally there's not much in the way of fluff but I always feel I could do that lil better.


I'm dead interested in your watering system too! I top feed in coco/cork mix now but I'd like to get an automated sytem going as I have to water daily and it means I can't go far. I'm in 25 and 30 litre pots so not sure what would work best for me tbh. I'm quite taken by your clean and tidy set up there and it's got me all hopeful. :rolleyes:

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@Snowziff yeah I get a bit but I don't mind too much it all goes on the hash or oil pile :) I usually take everything off under the first screen as the initial stretch comes to a stop, as a matter of fact that's what I've been doing all evening lol its a horrible task. if only my room was big enough to have a walkway down the back of the plants as well would save me having to lay in-between the pots on my back. Here's a couple of pics to show what gets taken off. if anything it certainly helps with airflow


  Under trim         Under trim


You can find a bit about my watering system here bud if you need to know more give me a shout


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wow mate impressive :notworthy:

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Wow, great looking stuff :yep:.

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