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Orange Hill Special






After 13.5 weeks of flower : massive buds just won't stop !





My OHS grown from a reg seed, topped and the clone rooted and put straight into flower. 5 litre normal pot.

The seed plant was about 6 weeks vegged. 6 litre airpot


1000w hps, Canna Coco feed up to 1.5 ec or 2mils per litres. 3 drops ph down per litre.

1wet day 2 dry days thoughout, has been on flush for a month.

The last pics are at 13 and a half weeks on 12/12, cropped same day.

I grew these in a mixed grow with cloned Blueberry s which all looked ready at 8 to 9 weeks.

Not sure why my OHS have taken so long, there are still lots of white hairs but have run out of time.

It was hard keeping the grow warm and pest free, my first winter grow at 12/12, bit of a struggle.


Low orangey soft scent throughout the grow, not a stinker. Huge heavy buds.

She's drying now for a few days. Im off to give her a trim up and a nice joint of fresh scissor hash.



Thanks to @DutchPassionTony for sending me seeds to try out. 



During the winter Ive been growing out some cuttings from my best plants, getting to know them.

auto Daquiri Lime:) yes its good, tastey quite strong

Forest Dream great all rounder, lovely plant colours, nice sativa clones ready 8 weeks

The Edge, awesome  plant in flower, great buds, nice sativa high 9 weeks

Think Fast, grows very well. Clones ready 8 weeks

Blueberry.  Topped and trained to 4 or 6 main branches it grows very neat, no random branches.

Superb plant and smoke. The flavour, the warmth, beautiful. Im keeping the Blueberry.








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large.1493737652827.jpg                   large.1493737652450.jpg



here she comes great big buds, the branches are 450mm. 

been dryin about a week. Starting to get a nice fuelly smell after low odour grow in flower. Picked off  a couple of small buds t sample uncured

first impressions  heady cinamon orange fuelly hints, should jar up nice. Likin it. Sativa waves feelin nice following an earlier lunch time stone out. Yep, kickin in hard. Phew, long run its been but looks a good yield to my experience. Very nice weed should be. I picked this cos I like orange vape flavours

Hope to follow this with an opinion on the cured smoke in a few weeks

Peace, lets chill while the politics goes on outside all will be well

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Very nice looking man but I thought you grew it outside for a minute until I scrolled down.....:doh: I'm doing two myself this year but I'm doing them outdoors, not sure how they will get on though because 13 and a half weeks flowering is a long time but I got sen't them from a guy all the way from Canada so it'd be rude not to grow them.


But great job growing that man it looks tasty and the buds look frosty in that bottom pic.


Take it easy man, peace!

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@Mohamedbear hello Mo thanks for droppin by. Its probs confusing on my part takin pics outdoors of indoor plants. I only do this cos  my indoor pics come out badly lit.

Just read your post while sampling some part cured OHS. The flavour is coming through now and the smoke is stronger than anything I've grown so far.

Re the 13 and a half weeks ( coulda gone longer ) , I only sprouted one seed so not a judgement on the strain. It might be an odd pheno..the yield was very big for me. The seed plant and the smaller clone plant have filled 5l worth of kilner jars.I dont weigh. The buds decent sized and big. Little to no small buds. The buds  have lots of dead brown leaves in which has spoiled the look of the colour because of how long she took. All nice and firm though.

The smell from the grinder is oranges and ginger.  The smoke is deceptively soft  and sweet and then cracks across my head...powerful sativa

Hope your Canadian Orange Hills come good bro. 


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Mmmm.... Sounds delicious and thanks man I hope they turn out good as well, I'm glad your's did. and I know what you mean about the lighting you can't beat natural light.


Take it easy man

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great looking plants and nugs there @autodog Glad it hit the spot in terms of potency too.   

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