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Humans and Society Confuses Me

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29 minutes ago, Nick Berry said:
  On 2017-4-24 at 4:49 PM, rat in a hat said:

It is such a shame isn't it that when people talk about real things like this people try to make a joke of it, that's society brainwashing at its best.. stupid really... but i do think more and more people are deciding to question what way we should live our lives.. and rightly so but the trouble is what realistic strategy could we use to dismantle the current hierarchy to allow us to implement our own ideas and laws.... that John Fire Lame Deer quote is brilliant , although i am white myself i still acknowledge it was the white man who destroyed a lot of this way of life @Autosinsummer

You are very lucky if you are in a position to question how you should live your life, so perhaps be thankful for that, many people globally are busy enough finding enough to eat and drink.

I would suggest a little caution in the fetishism of Naive peoples, they are as prone to cruel and selfish behaviour as the rest of us.

We may find over the next few decades we are forced into a more communal way of living, whether we want to or not, purely to survive, though I doubt it'll be very romantic.

Blaming yourself, or identifying with the historical behaviour of others based on your skin colour is a bit patronising, and smacks of first world guilt, either go and do something positive, if you feel the need to redress some historical injustice, or don't.

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people spend lots of hours reading and believing in other peoples thoughts then believe themselves enlightened, I prefer to believe only in my own experiances and I sometimes have to question that. those with learning difficulties are less likely to suffer from mind control but more likely to be anti social.

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17 hours ago, hash72 said:

I prefer to believe only in my own experiances and I sometimes have to question that.


I understand what you're saying but to not learn from those that came befor us is one of our biggest mistakes :yep:


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@hash72 a bit off topic but..


A few years ago, scientists discovered and proved the reason for the Great Barrier Reef.


The sea rose, a lot, creating a big area of shallow water that is now the reef. 


It  happened 10,000 years ago.


The aboriginals knew about it. They have a song about it.  Every aboriginal person in that area would have known too. 




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so in reality you would need to speak to an aboriginal or one of said scientists who had the experience rather than the second/third or fourth hand, every story changes as its passed on. personally I only need to know what I need to know. the past is full of mistakes we never learn from.

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or you could say that scientist learnt nothing knew.


Wasted a lifetime of research, because he didn't ask a group of people who have lived on the land for thousands of years. 


I would trust aboriginal folk songs over a lot of what I've learnt in my 35 years of learning in the uk. 


45 minutes ago, hash72 said:

personally I only need to know what I need to know.


How do you know what you need to know? 


Why not learn from others. We'd all still be cavemen

according to your theory. 


I'm not saying that's a bad thing actually, but I'd like to think I'd take what others had learnt, proved and shared, and improved on it. 



48 minutes ago, hash72 said:

he past is full of mistakes we never learn from.


49 minutes ago, hash72 said:

I only need to know what I need to know


Can you see the problem here? 

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how do I know what I need to know, well I got into old age knowing very little about anything, I don't know if what I know is real, i'm not sure if i'm not just a figment of someones imagination, none of that matters really, i'm not sure if I will die or if I will just leave this body once it packs in.

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Posted (edited)

I did not pay attention to R.E, geography or history at school. Now I'm older I started to get a bit enthusiastic into geography, then history and then religion/theology. Studying/ learning about one of those tends to open the doors to the other two imo. Cannabis genetics got me into geography, which got me into history and then religion too lol. I'm far from an expert, but when looking at the age of religions it just seems like a whole load of crap.


Judaism is 4000+ years old with Hinduism. Christianity is 2018 obviously and Islam is iirc 1400 years old as that came on the scene in the 7th century. Then in the 18th century we had a Joseph Smith who was to restore the Christian faith but call it the Mormon church lol.


Might have been a bit of a pointless post like. One thing though, I'm sure no other religion will be able to even be invented now. Wouldn't a so called 'prophet' just be put in a mental home these days?

Edited by Conspiranought

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