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Rupert cuntdoch again

Is anyone else extremely annoyed that the Levison was completely side tracked and made to be all about the phone hacking scandal, celebs anyone with half a brain cell couldnt care less about and not that old scum bags attempt to buy sky back again and thus pretty much own all Uk media.


Hes going for it again now and its hush hush no mention this time, People are campaigning but ffs is the UK population really so dense?


I just fail to understand how so many of these tricks still suceed.


This morning i will now be angrily vaping...grrrr.




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And to think it was EU rules stopping him, then the Tories give him Brexit.....

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I Agree most of the hacking up to 75% was done by private law firms and private security firms.


why is the outcry to gain total control of the media ?  they use milly`s  death for the emotive angle ,


if this goes through one of the totally unlawful aspects of it will be if the media company does not sign up


to the control then if someone takes a media outlet to court then if the media company loses then they still have to pay the legal fee`s .(not sure on the excact words).


this has no basis in law at all in any way.


people on here dont like common purpose because of brian garish`s obsession with child abuse.


they ignore it was his and the uk column work that the daily mail stole and did a 6 page expo on the common purpose/hacked off (it was a common purpose campaign)



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I want a log cabin in to the wilderness. All this funny business going unchecked makes my brain hurt lol


I noticed an MP said the other day she should "probably look into the takeover"


One MP said that out the lot, disgusting 

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Ah time aint on his side dude, don't worry about that bellend, never know Jerri's propensity for necrophilia might finish him of eh lol

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