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HANNA Ph & TDS Controled Grow. Viticulturists Automaster

Automated in 15Ltr Wick Autopots On 6-8 day Rota. One visit per week to the grow room, Hanna dose the rest !

Dutch Passions Sativa Fems FREDDY'S BEST, DESFRAN & OUTLAW. (Run Outa Space again on tittle should end "DP" !!)


15ltr autobots (Pots), on automated 45ltr res ! (Automated With);

Hanna BL 700-1 Mini Tankside, Ph Controler, Orb pump with 250ml Nitric Acid Ph down Res. Ph up res silicone 250mls. And 2no tank probes.

Hanna BL 121-10 TDS (Conduct) Controller, orb pump res and probe set. 3 decilitre full strength nute res (Grow) > (Bloom) to adjust, up or down, every 5 minutes Ec or (TDS) or mMSm !..... nute power to res !!

(This kit adjusts Ph & Ec/TDS to within 0.01 Ph&Ec)

So fully automated 45ltr floor res ! (Filled every 6 days) This floor res feeds the 30ltr elevated res, to get the hydrodynamic head pressure, required to run all the autovalves at floor level luke !! Floor res pump timed to pump (Lift) 15ltrs into feeder res every 2nd day, on a minute interval timer. Over 6 days.

So three 15ltr feeds over 6 days, plus 2 days drying out a little 8 day visits. To refill 45ltr floor res, with RO buffered water (Untreated For Ph/Tds). 1 ltr per plant every other day.

Fems grown in (Fresh) Gold Label Special Mix, with added Bennie;


Gold Label special mix (Low Pre Nute) The following items where added to the gold label; at doses set out by me, and deemed at a suitable volume per 15ltr final vessel.

Startrex Powder;

Soil improver to get growth of the a good start.

Contains high soil bacteria content, and a mild NPK 5/4/7

Bactrex Powder;

natural organic soil bacteria 15 types of bennie for the root matrix protection and enhancement.

Contains mould of the genus Trichoderma NPK o/o/o

Mycotrex Powder;

Blend of nine species of Mycorrhiza spores (K2 Micro Root Drones !) NPK o/o/o

Insect Flash Powder; (Content Only Known by "Henk" van dalen" and Dp team x

A blend of 168 species of insect feces's exo skelletons like bat shit and bone ! but with a wider spectrum of species, added minerals and vitimins pack. And slower release capacity NPK 8/5/9

Orgatrex Liquid; (Not Mixed In organic grow medium) or Put in "res" blocks valves !!

From fourth week of flowering ONLY, NPK 3/9/14

An organic complex, inc sugers, terps boosters & flavor enhancers, and micro and trace elements for boosting plant health, vigor, and vitality. A fully organic bud feed and booster in one.

Used the above 1st time last grow, let me say aint hesitating to use Henks additives again !!

And of course the Fem bean set 100% germ again;.......

fed with the genesis triple nute pack, micronutient grow2 bloom, mixed neat for Hanna Ec manager / Controller !!. Sounds like sumin outa "Blakes Seven"......

Theres little or no doubt that hourly/ ney daily, accurate Ph & Ec Res control, in properly aerated RO, tap water buffered, @ Ec (0.25) is the ultimate salt controlled feed water. Dose make a tremendously positive affect on the grow volume outcomes. And is worth the hassle.

Trouble is, as all DWC's culture guy's will tell you. It's tedious in the extreme ! tending daily res Ph & Ec adjustments, and calibrating pens each week ! not something i will be having to do anymore, kit cost 1,968 quid.

Mini Ph controler And Orb pump

no image for TDS controller or orb unfortunately.

In preparation for the fruits i made me self a dry sifter box, over xmas break, works sweet with and old leemans bank card ! on the 110 micron polyester sieve, box made in walnut i reclaimed !!

Me New home made Dry sifter

Dutch Passion Premier Club Logo

Here are the "Selected" FB DF & Outlaw Dames; Day 8 & 23(Led shots)

Day 8 veg 100% germ all fems




Day 23 veg led shots late home again !!....... hence full automation !


D23 Fb Df Ou


Dutch Passion Premier Club Logo

Better change me positive space input fan, 350m2/hr 100micron filterbag ! which is a Gio Fully fashioned seamed nylon vintage stocking ! 10ltr capacity !


Which leads me onto this !


They look lush on the new Henk bennie combi !!..... one thing i noticed last grow using for first time, with these organic powder complexes. Was they really push on quick in veg, and early flower. But with no tip burn at all. Like tip burn was removed from the equation, but potent'ish nute levels ??........ love it. last grow ended 2.5 weeks early as a result. hence 2nd shot with it, on this journal.... at my inclusion rates per 50ltrs gold label.
Hope you all had a good crimbo. i had a bit of time on me hands, hence the Hanna kit spend up.
But did get 3 nights out in the wilds big carp hunting :), but blanked fish wise ! so just got the DesFran out, and got proper blasted !! was a nice couple days staring at the rods and wildfowl !


Best to all for new season, sizing up the automated glue next !! harvest is set for 3rd week of march SPRING !........... more carp hunting with DeFran !!
Edited by AutoMaster
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Well am tuned in as that's a very informative first post mate

There is a heap of things I have taken away to investigate

Top work auto master

Makes me think when I get around to my first diary I should use this as a sort of template

Looking forward to your results

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Well this sounds interesting ...

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Straight of the bat, the Ph/Ec monitor is showing the goods. And i have hatched another lucky super bean. In the form of :Outlaw"...... she is "Gigas" = From Ancient Greek γίγας (gígas, “giant”). ... Noun[edit]. gigās m (genitive gigantis). Gigantis is the word. She is twice the other outlaw............. yey here we go again. Hungry monster, demanding, ney bullying for light and smothering the Norms !

The low winter RH, as usual, allways slows down the veg period. as stoma close partially to protect the Dame from to rapido a respiration loss or dehydration. (calvin cycle). This is due to the VPD (Vapor Pressure Differential). Dry air RH 24% ! strips moisture to fast for the plant to re-load, hence slower growth as stoma protect plant moisture levels. So 35 days veg b4 the 12/12 flip few days back.

Day 38 Flowering 3 days; The pre flower stretch aint started yet !......







Outlaw (Gigas)


OutLaw cartoon sparkles


The 24/7 availability from the res below the pots in the autopot. has made a difference from hand watering husbandry. The pot is lifted above the res on a vented tray.

This,allowing air under the pot & into root matrix. Negating the root from siting in water, deprived of oxygen. Wicks 4no 30cm long are used in each 15ltr pot. To draw water up. But not to saturation. A water O2 balance is maintained. And allows warm air to penetrate the pot bottom, keeping medium temps up.

The autopot great advantage is unseen. That is that when hand watering, it is near impossible to judge each plants drinking habits. Some are piss artists, others tee teetotalers. Most sativas are low drinkers due to latitude impacts on their genetics. With the autopot, each can take exactly what it wants, and not be drown in water it cant take up. Due to it being a bit of a teetotaler !!......... on the wicks they take just what they need and no more. Water conservation is the outcome, drinkers or not !!

The last feed was nute only Ec 0.4 + buffer Ec 0.33 Total Ec 0.75 Root stim rizotonic, has now stopped as root growth stops post 12/12 switch. And energy redirected to pre flower stretch for the sun !!......

Feeling left out of the room now it's on auto 6-8 days with no need for me !!..... like i feel guilty sneaking in there when i am not supposed to be in there !!..... so mental, every time i go in armed with the Ph pen, and dip it "bang On 6.4 (Veg), i have just lifted the Ph now to 6.56, as the 12/12 switch dictates. Final Ph will be 6.8-7.0 last 2-3 wks of flower.

Gives me a buzz at work, knowing the Ph/Ec monitor is adjusting the res when it waivers !!...... due to temp, O2 Co2 saturation completion. bacterial activities move Ph'es up & down.... and other external factors on Ph/Ec fluctuations.

All straightened out every 15mins !!........... is like a grow holiday !!......... could go to for 10 days !......... and that would only be only inc 1-2 days drying out after they scoffed the whole reserve res !!......... handy for when i go fishing. And i dont have to rope anyone else into to do the feeds when i am away !!............ should have done it years ago !!

Next update end of Jan 12 days or so......... best to all for 2017 Automaster

Edited by AutoMaster
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UPDATE day 60 overall Day 25 flowering.  FREDDY'S BEST FEM / OUTLAW FEM  DESFRAN (Deceased)

All FB & Outlaw, sexed at day 17 of 12/12. As you know from my previous blogs. DesFran is a favorite of mine. But due to the complexity of the 3 way cross lineage, you can get one of either the three crosses, come out in the DesFran pheno spectrum. As i prefer the Oaxaca pheno. I usually put 4 seeds down. To ensure getting one of the Oaxaca pheno type. A three way gamble.

it's a gamble, as if you get the Meao Thai pheno's. Due to the latitude of the genetics in the Meao Thai. it is 18 to 24wks in flower. Not suitable for me personally. Due to my mixed sativa strain grows, @14-15wks (Max) to fully ripened amber trich finish line.

The DesFran 3 way strain cross. (DP Txt)

"Desfrán is the result of crossing Destroyer with Destroyer, she was  originally a 3-way crossing of Mexican Oaxaca, Colombian Punto Rojo and Meao Thai"

For the first time, i was unlucky in the DesFran pheno outcome, as all 4 came out Meow Thai. There where no Oaxaca phenos this germ :(. So i had to chop the 4 DesFran. Out of the 5 germs of 4 DesFran, done previously, i allways got one Oaxaca pheno. The beans didant go my way this run sadly. Will miss the aroma in my Friday Night jar 28% potent. So 6 wks left on this grow, so it will be 20 weeks (Oiks) before i can fill my Friday DesFran jar again with DesFran. It will be sorely missed for 20 plus weeks :(  The meow pheno dose not sex untill at least 21 days, all 4 DesFran "Thai" did sex female. But 4 dames, are a lot to chop out of a grow ! it cost me this time, the 3 way gamble........:(

The freddy's & Outlaw, all sexed by day 17.....and are doing superb... as usual. And are ramping on fine, on the autopot/autovalve set up. Two of the Outlaw phenos, (Sexed Female)....... have also expressed the flip side of the strain "Super Haze". As she is Amnesia x Super haze. The usual dominant expression of Amnesia, is the common pheno outcome. This is the first time i have had the Haze pheno show it's pure head !!.

The buds do not form in the usual way, central white fluff ball, at first flower show. The haze flowers form by building long candy stick like, alternate flowers up the stem. In each bract division, usually takes longer to fill the candy sticks out up the stem though. I only have two of these Haze pheno types of outlaw, in this germ set. And is a first in all the time i have done the outlaw, this pheno has showed up, in the bean lottery. I hope its is not 18wks to finish ! it seems about 7-10 days behind the Amnesia pheno's of outlaw at the mo :(  if it is 18 plus weeks, i wont have time to finish the two Outlaw haze phenos.....

That would make 6 losses, due to alternate pheno expression, in the DF & Outlaw strain this grow. The genetic cast, did not fall my way this hatch, it has to be said........ it's the first time in 6 plus years, i have had an extensive flip-side pheno outcome.

feed stats;  60 overall 25 flowering days

Bloom nute only Ec 0.8 Microbase & bloom

RO buffer Ec 0.3 veg / 0.5 flower

Ph 6.7 flower

Starting PK boost this week, week 5 flower

Freddy's best (Haze Pheno) Is at the front of pic, you can see the "Alternate" Pure Sativa Pheno, stem flowers building from each alternate bract. The classic "Pure haze" pheno, a first for me. The usual "Amnesia" pheno of Outlaw (Rear of Shot), usual Amnesia flowers.  For a minute there i thought the two alternate outlaw pheno's might throw staminate, as the Haze pheno, take a few extra days to throw female pistils, but did sex female 6 days after the amnesia outlaw pheno's... at rear of shot below......


Below; Outlaw (Gigas Giant), this is all one plant !!  out of focus though :)...... a monster pheno, twice the size of the others


Freddy's best, have had to super crop, the top shooter layer, of the FB's, as they went above 1.2m




Due to continuous availability of water, to the suspended wick'ed pots, in autopot trays, autovalve controlled. The frame building during veg has been noticeably greater. As usual the nitrogen profile, was kept going in. Into the 3rd wk of flower. To ensure flower veg volumes are built up. After the switch to 12/12......... the odd red stems, are due to a couple of days (daytime lights out). When the room temp hit 19c. The 1kw fan, struggles to keep the room temp up. When zero or just above outdoors......... but mostly dose the job at 21c or above. if outdoor above 5c !!  The red stems, are 1st sign of Phos PO4, uptake reduction.

The Ph and Ec monitors, are working well. Although i did let the ph down monitor res, go empty for half a day !!  Ph went up to 7.2. also  causing Po4 unavailability, due to high Ph....... = red stem...........  winter indoor grows, allways take a pinch longer to get there. And i believe this is because. The plant "Bio Magnetic" rythem, tells it, the natural outdoor magnetic day length is shorter (Winter). But it is having summer light hours imposed on it artificially.

To keep room temp up, i have to turn down my thermo fan to it's absolute minimum. To get upto 27c at pot top, and canopy level. With outdoor temps around 0-2-3-4c. Due to low heat prod from the LED's.......... a boon in hot summers, requires heat management in winter though !!......... these new "protracted" winter windows (Longer colder winters, shorter less warm summers). mean the 1kw thermostatic floor fan lights out heater. Is on for longer periods......... to keep pot soil temp above minimum 19c.

So week 3 flowering now, next update wk 5-6 of flower :)............... just hope the Freddy's best haze pheno's outcomes, can catch up to the others, in next two weeks, and deliver inside the 10wk flower window.  best to all Automaster


Edited by AutoMaster
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UPDATE; 75 Days 40 Flower, 2 day short of 6wks 12/12.


All has been ticking along well. Have lifted the Ec to 1.1 inc CaCo3 carbonate buffer @0.3Ec. Due to trying to evade my husbandry responsibilities. And leaving the made up res. Standing for 3-4 days. The hanna tds management, has been adding more than i would like of the po4 Ph down. To keep the Ph at 6.8, in flower.


This is not due to UN-stable Ph. But due to bacterial propagation in the res tank, left standing. On auto feed. To prevent this developing into a "Foxtailing" event. I have reverted to hand watering. For the last 4wks of flowering. The system proved efficient during the veg period though. Allowing me time off !!...... during the 5wks veg. hanna added the nitric acid Ph down corrector well in veg. 


The second reason for the reversion to hand watering. Is the use of the Orgatrex & Topmax mix of "Organic" bloom stims. That will interfere with the 1mm inlet hole, silicone pressure seal in the Autovalves. Not wise to use heavy organic bloom stims with these. The organic stims sugar laden. Stimulate high bacterial counts if left in standing reservoirs, longer than36hrs at 21-23c.


So, i make the feed fresh, Ph fresh, warm the feed water to 21c. Then feed it fresh to the hungry Dames, for best results. The Pure Haze pheno, of the FB, has caught up a bit. And for a pure sativa, she is unusually hungry. But still lagging behind the flipside FB pheno's. By 5-9 days minimum. Another FB is near finishing right now. And looks potent as can be. Double trich load, as below. 1kw heater is still on during the day lights out 12hr period. managed to keep the soil temp at 21c, just. The stratified warm air, is sucked back down from ceiling, and re-mixed with cooler floor air. Mixing the stratified warm air, to ensure heated air is same temp at floor as ceiling.


Freddy's best Fem 75/40 usual pheno's, 5wks left to load up the additional goods :)


FB usual pheno, lota trichs on her. 5wks left of flowering in flushing period.


Below; Is the early FB pheno, pulling back the leaves store of mobile nutes, as well as feed !! greedy finisher ! Potent load though. Them candy sticks look pure sativa line to me;)


Outlaw'ed OUTLAW ! thin sativa fans, this is the Outlaw (Haze Pheno) few days behind the rest of the outlaw. Such a greedy dame for a sativa !! only just showing 3mm tip burn at Ec1.1 total. Notice no tip burn on the FB (Short Pheno) above iether.


Below, the mega "Outlaw Amnesia" (Gigas) pheno, blimey theres all sides of pheno's in there !! below (Gigas Amnesia Pheno) is all one Dame heads, 5-7 zips conservative estimate !!


Outlaw giant pheno rear left = (3ft square Dame 1.3m tall). Front right Freddy's Best (Usual Pheno) sat dom side large colas (UN-Topped Colas). She's just started to grog on mobile nutes (In-House) and the 1.1Ec feed punch, Ec 0.4 of which is pure PK13/14 canna, plus, organic top max bloom & orgatrex to keep a little higher Nitrogen present, with sugars. As sativas like to use the N right near to end, but not to potent a strength though. Carrying a healthy load of trichs at the mo. 5wks left to load up double current load. Outlaw is 20% plus THC on the chromo meter, love's to run amber wk9 plus couchlock;) the "Limonene" terps pushing the aroma out XXL !!


Pleased so far, and have two that are special, the short pheno FB pungent, potent, & the giant Outlaw 7 zipper Dame. If i where a breeder, this giant pheno at first philistine show. A week after sexing. Would have been backcross captured ! with an outlaw "Fem" light and temp stress, to gain polen !! if i could get a female to throw staminate that is !, a big ask, but possible;). Aw if only i had the room to !! Keeping polen stable & viable is a whole other game though. This Dame deserves it though;) AM

Pre harvest update in 4wks, if they dont wrap up earlier though:) The short pheno FB will be down by then. looking forward to tasting the shortie !......... at least for a few minutes before the REM sleep washes over me !!....... i am sure super-cropping, bending flower bows over, improves vigor !! and trich loading ta-boot...... but a cracking mix of pheno's of sativa. looking heavy weight again @wk6.




And just to show an order of magnitude. Of how these dame finally load up the trichs. Heres a couple of pics from previous, extended extreme ripening ! ;) in the previous AM selection boxes.


The donkey clonck above 700g wet;) the 3 DesFran below not much less;)


Power Plant cloncker below, near the mark !!....... this was a double potent pheno, soo flavorsome, and a favorite reliable strain....   that can take my abuse !!............



Edited by AutoMaster
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thanks for the informative update AM

some of those pics have me reaching for a cloth to whip the drool off my ipad

You could play cricket with some of those donks.

fair play sir


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Dutch Passions 30th Anniversary of "1987" founding, of feminization.  Tooped of with the anniversary free seed offer. Aniversary pack, of Power Plant, Outlaw Amnesia, original White widow.......... 30th pack :) till end of April.....


Amsterdam to have own cannabis TUP club. same as Belgium clubs....... a move in the right direction for Amsterdammers ;)


The Amsterdam ‘Tree Of Life’ Cannabis Social Club is almost ready to start up.  Readers will remember updates from 2014 and 2016. The leaders of the Amsterdam CSC continue to make professional preparations for the club and have issued a newsletter informing that they have almost begun operations.  The premises for growing have been identified, and a policy of one plant per member should allow the Amsterdam Cannabis Social Club to grow hundreds of plants in a large, professional grow operation.  


And now this news for Amstersammers and all nl.  Cracking start to 2017


February 21st 2017

The politicians in the Dutch Parliament today voted to go ahead with controversial new plans to allow large scale commercial cannabis growing for the first time.  The large scale growing will allow coffee shops to buy cannabis from a regulated system rather than the current black market arrangements.  Although cannabis growing will remain technically illegal, special licenses will be granted by the Minister of Health for the large scale grow operations.  So long as the growers stay within the restrictions of their grow license then they will be free from prosecution.  
The new law was proposed by the D66 party and supported by a range of politicians who wanted to end the black-market system and replace it with improved transparency and regulation.  The Dutch senate still needs to approve the law.  Dutch elections on the 15th of March will probably result in a coalition government which will need to discuss and negotiate the future for this law.  If fully implemented in the future it will be a very clear signal from the Dutch Government that they want to take the issue of cannabis supply seriously and professionally, removing the criminal element completely from the supply chain.
Sweden chip in with a degree of common sense also. Accordingly, is based on pure medical results, doctors promote correct use. Well done Sweden.
SWEDEN 14th February 2017......... there all at it !!
Sweden.  The normally anti-cannabis Swedish Government have surprised a few people with the news that two Swedish citizens have been given permission to use cannabis for chronic pain reduction.  Its a first for Sweden, Scandinavia in general has been slow to acknowledge the medical benefits of cannabis.  Yey hey........... the penny begins to drop. Skeptics begin to drop like flies ;)
IRISH get in on culture trends.......  December 2016  Go Ireland.....
Ireland has surprised a few people when Irish legislators in their Government passed a bill to make cannabis legal for medicinal use.  The government said it would not stand in the way or object to the proposals, guaranteeing that they will pass and become law. The bill will legalize and regulate cannabis product ...  
USA drinks giants fear for ALCOHOL INDUSTRY !! As Canna becomes preferred choice, over alderhyde hangovers ;)  Dec 2016
USA.  Cannabis is a ‘clear and present danger’ to the USA alcohol industry.
Specialists from the USA beer and alcohol market have claimed that legal cannabis sales are hurting them.  Specifically, big booze is ‘underperforming’ in three US states which have legalized cannabis, those states are Colorado, Washington and Oregon.  Alcohol analysts claim the the beer sales are 2%-5%  lower than expected based on historical data and other states beer sales.  Some of this is felt to be due to the 18-25 years olds preferring cannabis to alcohol.  In some cannabis hot spots, such as Denver, beer sales are over 5% lower since cannabis legalisation.
Emmanuel "Macron" French minister for "Economy" & "Industry". Is also current favorite for 2017 French elections. is 100% in favor of Legalization, capable of reaping the financial benefits for France. As Economy minister, who better to know the potential ??........ he got my vote ;) Good luck to Macron 2017...
President elect; "Drump"............... obviously has no issue here, did not oppose these states applications, we like a drop of Drump you know; That is a genuine "Bucket Full" of further legalization. California storms ahead.......  Cali Orange now legal !! Tops ;)  Add that bucket load of states to the others !! 50% + states.
On the same day that Donald Drump was elected President, several states also voted to legalize cannabis.  Its great news for USA cannabis lovers, and everyone else.  With so much of the USA now able to access legal cannabis there are hopes that the Federal Government will now have to consider cannabis laws which reflect the will of the people rather than the will of the diminishing prohibitionist minority.  If the USA does make an eventual move to legalize cannabis at a national level the rest of the world will surely follow.
California.  Legalises recreational cannabis.  The most important cannabis vote in recent years.  California voters approved Proposition 64 which legalises cannabis for over 21 year olds.  Californians will be allowed to possess an ounce of cannabis (28g) and 6 plants.
Nevada.  Legalizes recreational cannabis.
Massachusetts.  Legalises recreational marijuana for all over 21 year olds.
Florida.  Legalises medical use of cannabis.
North Dakota.  Legalises medical use of cannabis.
Arkansas.  Legalises medical use of cannabis but rejects recreational legality.
Arizona.  Legalisation measures were not passed, this time.
Maine.  Legalization for over 21-year olds, 2.5 ounce personal allowance and 6 plants (or 12 immature plants)
Common sense, and the peoples will, begin to prevail 2017...........
127 countries on this planet. half are on the right side of the "Wall"  2017 and beyond, looking forward to more moving in the right direction. Great start to 2017. Automaster
Edited by AutoMaster

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harvest update  day 92 and flowering 57 or 8wks and 1 day ;)............


The "Monolith Haze pheno"... is pushing on, at 8wks flowering so far, and will be 11-12 wks minimum to load right up to max. Haze will finish after the Freddy's best, and all but 2 are down......... and where heavy weights XXL as strain.


Am a bit knackered...... from answering questions in other blogs !!........ so will just punch up the pics. The haze is green still and pushing on 1.2m tal 1m wide................ yey......... and freddy's is on flush and pulling back in all mobile nutrients


The Freddy's best is nearly "Ripe" @8Wks,  and been in flush for 5-6 days......... looking nice. But the Haze pheno (In Green Suit Still, Below) ! the Haze pheno of outlaw amnesia, is massive, below;... night all, night owls !! AM


Freddy's best......... loaded with trichs........... and smell like no other;)


freddy's best............ near ripe at wk8


Haze pheno of outlaw........ what a pleasure this Dame is.....




And the classic terpen capture method.... A4 brown paper bag initial drying, down to 65%RH b4 kilner jar....



An Automaster Grow, Dutch Passions sativa strains......

Edited by AutoMaster

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