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Mr blue


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That's the best way I've found to use my vapcap, you can pretty much kill a bowl in one slow hit!

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Just wanted to bump this thread, and say how much i'm enjoying my vapcap m.




After the intitial excitement, i have to admit, i was truely dissapointed :doh:


Draw was shit, and i didnt like the flavours. Thought i'd thrown £50 down the hype train tracks. I was wrong :wassnnme:




After 24 hours of persaverance, i had cracked it.  I now love it. Very versatile vape, and gives really satisfying hits with a bit of practice.



Bit of a shame it needs modding from the off, but not the end of the world.


I filed out the grooves to make them deeper, and put recesses at the top. This improved airflow enough to make it pull more like a joint, but i slowly draw it straight through like a slow bong/pipe. Going to buy a small bubbler to run it through as i used to like a nice bong, so this could work well for me when at home.


I didnt want the air flow to be too free, as i didnt know if it would effect how it worked.




A massive thanks to @Mr blue  it was your high praise and repeated postive comments that peaked my interest in the vapcap m, and made me stick with it after my disapointment :yep:





I would also like to say, that i'm coming from a rollie and spliff loving background. Pure spliffs are nice, but dont/didnt satisfy me due to not having the baccy in.


I've been known as 'Tigsey Rollie' for 20+ years, and although i'd managed to give up tobacco last year for 9 months, i was well and truely back on the baccy again. And recently smoking spliffs like rollies again. Constantly smoking spliffs, but not even getting that stoned.


Although i'm still smoking the odd joint befor bed (to try and bring me down a bit) i'm only using the vapcap m and its lush.


Since using the vapcap, my weed consumption has halved. Would have been quartered if it wasnt for the odd joint befor bed.


My nicoteen addiction is now clearly seperate from my weed smoking (first time in 20 years :eek:), and its very nice being able to seperate the two.


The other thing to note is how clear headed the high is.


I've always found that smoking weed made me a bit thick, lathargic, a bit groggy, and i always wanted more. Now i can smoke during the day without these feelings.


Don't get me wronge, i'm properly high, just not mongy.


I do need to grow some pure indica so i can vape befor bed instead of still rolling spliffs, but the G13 White Widow seeds above have been planted. Hoping they'll do the trick. 


Happy Vaping people :headbang:



Nice one,


Tigs :guitar:




I'm down to the odd rollie at work and when out and about. Only using the vapcap during the day




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