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auto soil nutrient schedule

hi all happy 420,

just like to say very new here and to this so have a few questions for you avid green fingered fiends, all auto relating and mainly nutrient related,

well where to begin...

1: using nutes would you scale down if you were in batmix or lightmix or just generally scaledown anyway irregardless of what soil you use..?

2: what nutes to give.. grow, root stim, bloom, nector, bloom/flower enhancers.. etc? and when to give them.. let the pot go dry?? wet/dry? or just every few days give it a lil drink..?

3: pot size 12l airpots same as 18l premium square pots..

well thats all i can think off now.. sit back light up and have a lil think,,, many thanks

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Use 12 litre air pot that will be fine or 18 square ( although if you get fungus gnats they are a cunt to eliminate in air pots)

Use light mix that way you control what the plant is getting which indoors with autos makes life a bit easier.

Start feeding light and if the plant is vigorous bump it up a bit

Keep it simple just use grow bloom root stim and sea weed extract

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