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autodog 3: Frisian duck + autos

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@@912GreenSkell, your hash making notes are great, love the underground spring water.

The training rings shown are about 2ft diameter for photo-periods, autos use a similar fence ring but smaller. This has saved lots of time on maintaining a good plant shape and wire ties mostly aren't needed. I might try doing a super size outdoor plant next year now I've got some experience and use a wider training ring. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us dwellers in the clouded rainy darkness. THC is keeping sunshine in my imagination, I laugh at the rain, he he


Reviewing the Dutch Passion outdoor autos

Bear in mind this was my first organised outdoor grow, lots went wrong cos of inexperience, condititions poor to start with.Every seed germinated bar 2 out of 14 wetted. If a seed doesn't germinate, I suspect my own method rather than the virtue of the seed.

The stars are rating my grow only, not judging the seed quality which is rock solid with Passion. All I would grow again if I had the space to.

There's a string of these, planted out in this order from April to late July, every few weeks, 1 or 2 at a time.

Mostly they were vegged in small pots outside in day time and under lights at night for about 3 weeks before planting out in prepared

concealed plots au jardin

Frisian Dew

Durban Poison



Blackberry Kush ( cooked indoors under 250w mh )

Colorado Cookies ( indoor/ outdoor start to finish. A fabulous pampered pet )

Frisian Dew and Durban autos I've reported on earlier, but to round up :

Both strong looking strains and 2 quite big plants, 2 medium and 2 small ones for each 3 pack of seeds.

Both strains made some good bud. The Dew was soft smelling and flavour suited the early summer weather, all smoked !

Green pheno did best. Seemed more mold susceptable than all the other autos, but then they had wetter weather and lower temps too.

3 stars.

Durban Poison auto, great smoke, really liked the big plant out of the 3.

Something savoury herbal aniseed about this toke. Uppy gear. Definately will be running some full blooded Durban regs on the strength of this summers auto Durban showing

4 stars

Auto Euforia

Like above, sativa style auto

1 Euforia made it to maturity, not the biggest yielder, but a nice smoke, mrs d liked this one , this is prossecco heady, light fruity summer

3 stars for the auto but again, growing the auto has made me crave to grow Euforia regs too.

Auto Mazar

Nice and kushy, finished well seemed happy. Great flavour nutty fruit cake flavour My plants weren't big though so

3 stars. Must try a Mazar or maybe a Master Kush sometime !

Auto Blackberry Kush


Solid kush grew well enough but 250mh wasn't the best light for an auto I've discovered. Also seen @@botanics notice this with 250w autos.

My Kush made 50g nice flavoursome bud more dark and fruity than mazar, nice winter smoke. I coulda done better so only

3 stars

Auto Colorado Cookies

lovely plant did well as a sun loving day plant that came indoors for a little 250w mh at night until the last 3weeks.

Finished very well. Don't grow in the garden again. She starts honking late on.

Wicked strong smoke. Ive seen some good reports on this too and I'm loving it. This is mint choc lime no probs

5 stars

Earlier in the year at the start of the diary I grew autos Ultimate and Night Queen

I underfed the Ults badly in veg. Auto mistakes like this aren't really reversible. Even so, made very nice bud, good producer

with a uppy vibe, lovely sweet/peppery flavour. Popular with friends.

Auto Ultimate 4 stars

Auto Night Queen

This is saving the best til last. Number 1 favourite smoke, and always in our top 3, auto or photo-period jars.

The most visible crystal production I have seen on any plant this year (ever).

Not sure if its strongest but its up there great fruity regal smoke good for winter nights or wiping out an hour sunday morning. Rich pudding.

5+ stars

I'll be back soon and review the Duck season and jarred smoke, cheers.



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@@autodog what a fantastic review.... you're great at identifying those flavours!

You deserve the kudos for getting your diary pinned bro, well done!

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great grow journal AutoDog, self sufficiency at its best

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Frisian Duck, my outdoor champion

This isnt the first year I've grown weed outdoors. I started smokin canna as a young teenager and I've tried gg and garden grows once or twice in each decade starting in the late 1970s. A few grows resulted in flowering up to a point and few seasons were completed. Reasons for these poor grow results will be familiar story for many other would be growers.

Most grows got pulled in the face of hostility to my plants from first, parents and then partners and children. House moves, insecure squats, security alarms and weather did for the rest of my earlier attempts at growing outdoors UK.

The main obstacles to my garden grows were girlfriends with careers involving police, social work etc. Several decades raising kids got in the way too. Kids are like mini police officers says mrs d and I know what she means.

2016 found me in a better place after a life of some struggle and strife. A supportive partner and a private garden, a couple of indoor auto grows under my belt and a 3 pack of DP Frisian Duck fems for about £20, all set with a decent grow room to propagate plants.

gallery_96585_12486_141074.jpg Late summer bloom

Well the grow has surpassed my wildest expectations. While I had some ups with outdoor autos, the Ducks haven't really given any cause for worry at any point and they've really asked for nothing but protection from rabbits.

The original 3 seeds all germinated fast and grew well. The plants were topped to 2 nodes and the cuttings made grew 9 more. All big plants except for one in a 15l hole and one in a 30 litre pot, shown below.


For the purpose of completing the diary, I weighed up some of the dry Duck bud this morning to estimate yield which lots of people are interested in, also me too. Its taken weeks to gather and dry and process and its still not finished.

Ok, dry bud, a few ounces more than a ki. Im not counting small buds which I've made chunks of hash from. Its ridiculous really.

Average over 3 ounces per plant. There's still loads of small buds on there now ! Mold was never a real worry and affected a tiny amount of the crop

This has made me self sufficient. I will be putting my magnificent parabolics into retirement.

Just have 1 or 2 strains to grow out first though might take a while.


Well I've been enjoying smoking some jarred weed this morning, the fruits of my labour, my darling buds.

Jarred smell very light at present, some fresh hay, some floral notes, geranium to orange, dark purple bud.

Taste. Sparks up. Puff.Mouthful.

Well ok, not developed yet I think. Woody, nutty at present. Often flavours develope over months and change character,

So Im thinkin not so tasty as my Forest Dream, Sweet Tooth f2 , Purple Maroc -very nice smokes - but its early days.

The smoke is rockin though, it packs a sound punch.

Hopeing this might be a good workaday smoke, but I've said that before, and then the smoke gets stronger.

I grew the Duck for stealth reasons and I didnt expect it to be an exceptional smoke. Its very good though.

For stealth and strength and bud production, it beats my other vars above, hands down, no contest.

This is a banker, rock solid reliable in my garden. Grown out of sight but security was rarely a worry, this is the best thing about growing


What's next ? Well if Im blessed with another season I intend to grow stuff thats good indoors and out, regs only unless the auto version of the Duck is ready.

Durban Poison and Euforia are top of my list with Frisian Ducks. If I had room I'd love to do a classic like Dew or Shaman too

Next season I'll be making some f2 seeds using DP regs including Orange Hill Special. I'll be prepping up my plots in the winter including a site for the boy plants.

Well the diary has come full circle.

The diary has made the grow.

Its actually been an amazing experience to share it.

Keepin the grow and the diary going and then seeing it pinned as the grow was drying and now finishing the diary I feel overwhelmed, stoned and emotional.

Thanks you all, Passion, uk420


Edited by autodog

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Thank you @@autodog for letting us share in your journey.... and what a journey, especially with having to put up with partners in the force etc Reminds me of a time way back in the day, this girl at work used to supply our doves for the weekend..... then a few years later, I get stopped by the Police, and she appears at my window in full uniform!!!

"Hey Teehee, I think I'd better just let you move on!" she said with a wink!

.... and I was 'in posession'

Anyway, I'm joining you to celebrate, the pinned journal is massive mate, and your detailed thoughts and advice are there for generations of newbie and pros to learn from.

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Tremendous end to your journal my friend. Its great to hear that the duck is so strong!! Ive noticed that though mine is strong, its doesn't pack the punch of the Durban, Think Fast or the Blueberry. Still a fine smoke for sure though!! Nice appealing lime smel and aftertaste on my duck.

Anyways once again superb journal man. Very well done.

Edit - lets hook up a time so we can have a simulsmoke of the Duck. Kind of smoking a victory joint together, even though we are half of the world apart. ;)

Edited by 912GreenSkell

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Just wanted to say,this has been one helluva cracking read! Well done and thanks for sharing! ATB.

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@@912GreenSkell hI mate just wondered how your getting on with ur how to auto grow journal? Doing majority of autos next year come the season and am looking forward to some good tips. 👍

Looking forward to next year autodog. ✌

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@@912GreenSkell hI mate just wondered how your getting on with ur how to auto grow journal? Doing majority of autos next year come the season and am looking forward to some good tips.

Looking forward to next year autodog. ✌

Actually its fully finished...i just need to figure out how to get posted...seems my lousy internet is a bit of a bitch to scroll through large galleries of pics while posting.

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Ooo can't contains my excitement. really looking forward to this.

Thanks man I'll keep checking in.

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Ooo can't contains my excitement. really looking forward to this.

Thanks man I'll keep checking in.

Tagged you to the thread which is in the auto category

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Mr dog - lmk when a day is good for you...any day can be a duck day for me, just lmk what day works for you and i'll dedicate the whole day to smoking Duck ;) Will also give me a good assessment of the smoke for the med smoke reports i do for every strain i grow.

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Mr skell inter continental cyber victory duck smoke ! Ive put a jar to hand. Soon as mother in law has fixed her Goldwing and flown.

Re your new auto guide, love the sleeve pot idea. Will try this indoors to reduce root stress when potting up from 3 inch starters to finals

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Bam...perfect timing...just preparing to get some herb fired up! Holds vape bag in the air "Cheers man!"

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Bam...perfect timing...just preparing to get some herb fired up! Holds vape bag in the air "Cheers man!"

Bom shanka !

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