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autodog 3: Frisian duck + autos

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The autodog's first and second grows are posted on the Autoflowering pages and I loved seeing

my project on the screen, meeting some top growers and sharing the joy of home cannabis


I'm grateful to uk420 for this and also to Dutch Passion for hosting what I hope will be

my grow diary for late winter into spring


These are the autoultimates above, shown at 7 days, now at 22 days

Below, the auto night queen seeds going into coco/compost mix


The auto nightqueens are showing their first pairs of leaves now.

4 autoultimates

4 auto night queens

most excited about the ducklings


These are fems and all three are popping up their heads. Above, my planting kit

Hoping these babies will be growing in my garden and gorilla patch in april,

cloned if we can get that far


I ve wanted to grow these since I heard about the purple flowers and cunning ducks foot leaves

which I believe should blend in with the shapes of the native plants round my garden.

I ordered these and the autoultimates direct from DP and paid the extra for the uber courier service, swift efficient.

The auto night queens were obtained local retail, cheaper

Here is the grow room gallery_96585_12382_75226.jpg

Autoultimates a few days ago, seedlings under mesh sun screen.

Plenty of space for the autodog to sunbathe

Good seein your comments and advice

and any random stuff

Thanks for lookin, talk soon

dog :oldtoker:

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I've been looking at the Frisian Duck with some interest for a while now.

Gonna pull up a seat and watch this grow :D

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welcome AD, and I hope you enjoy the grow. I'm looking forward to see how the Frisian Duck performs in the garden with the advantage of a head start indoors. May it be a smooth grow, good luck

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Hi@@echobelly nice t see you, yes these seeds were desired! Im seeding them up in antique 3" pots to celebrate

Are you growin anything at the mo? What smokes do you favour? You re very welcome to join in. Im on a kind of

senior gap year learning to grow weed for fun and self sufficiency. Im curious about stuff and like to experiment.


The pic above is today.

This is the first time I ve done fems under lights and the seeds seemed to germinate better than the auto seeds.

I reckon my average germing autos is only 6/10.

The ducks are 3/3 touching wood


I did my first grow in Jacks Magic compo which actually suited me fine but I want to try coco having seen it in a grow shop.

It looks good feels really nice,

Even smells of coconuts. I couldnt resist using it for my second grow.

Its a bit of faffing around to get used to ph ing and I think its worth it but Id like to go back to soil when Ive learned more of the basics of growing reg plants.

Hi @@DutchPassionTony Thankyou for the warm welcome and your interest.

Im really looking forward to this cos I love outdoor growin, and I haven't been able to grow weed for 10 years! Now the family is grown and careers have mellowed, now can do!

Yes I need a good headstart because I intend to collect some cuttings. Ive done cuttings from garden plants before, but not with cannabis plants.

Good to meet you Tony

Edited by autodog

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subbie beans! :yes:

they've arrived, brilliant I'm happy

Sweet Tooth F2 by @@bill cooper

thanks man they've gone straight into my lucky seed jar with ph'd water

will be my first regs grow under hps lighting and I'm really glad Ive got this strain

Im gonna enjoy checkin out its ancestry if I can.


I'll keep a few notes on these as I continue my journey with Dutch Passion

Thanks for lookin in

dog :oldtoker:

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Frisian Ducks day 4. The fab 3 are looking good and have shed their hats, showing leaves

Auto night queens day 11. 4 of 3 are growing well, one smaller. Late starter.

The FDs and the ANQs are on ph 5.8 and PM rootstim, mixed half and half Jack West compo and coco in 3"starter pots

Fed by spoon every day or two. A mini wet/dry cycle from the off, but not too dry, wet to just moist.

I shade the seedlings with mesh during the first week from the 600w dual spec parabolic.

Auto ultimates. Day 23. 4 of. These are in bio bizz plain coco, in 10 litre airpots

They were potted up at around 12 days from 3" starter pots.

Three of them looking good, not too green, and training well, bent right back to the edge of the pot

One plant looking paler and a little weaker and smaller than her sisters. Im not too worried at th mo.

AUs are on PM Rootstim about 2ml per litre and PM coco a and b at 0.9 ec

They were first watered and fed on sunday and then 4 days later, last night.

Soon I expect them to have 2 full dry days each cycle all the way through the grow.

They drank 2 litres each before run off.

I keep the grow as dry as possible, various reasons

Sweet tooth f2 13 no. seeds in water jar 24 hrs. Half are showing white tap roots within.

I need to immediately stop germing any more seeds for a good few weeks now!

I have space for all, and a secondary grow space if needed, but I want to keep numbers down

It will take some thought, and quite a lot of smoking to achieve this...


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hi, some pics from yesterday


the ducks are on ph 5.8 and 2ml rootstim till they get potted up in a day or two

below, the autos vegging nicely except one of the a. ultimates which is likely going to be pulled cos its too weird

these are on PM coco a+b at ec 0.8 and 2ml per litre rootstim.


heres the problem plant :schmoll:


dog :oldtoker:

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Here is the mixed young grow


the fabulous flying frisians, just on 2ml/l rootstim, several good spoonfuls every day or so


They re just out for a moment to see a possible plant out spot. Its about 7c outside, much more in the sun

swiftly back to 24 hour 600w 24-28c indoors

Here are the auto night queens. I really like these, pretty little plants.

I potted them into final 10l pots at 11 days reasonably well rooted, could have left it a couple of days.


I chucked one seedling that wasn't thriving

They've been fed and watered twice now at PM coco a+b ph 5.8, the ec at 0.8 is a little more than mains water

Feed and water with 3 to 4 dry days between


The autoultimates and the a night queen are also getting a little magnecal. Haven't used this before.

They are on 1.2 ec. I had to use water from the rain butt yesterday instead of tap water.

This may cause disturbance?

I chucked the ultimate that looked crap. It was also small. it was quite well rooted though.

I only want decent looking plants now

Im lovin growing my subbie beans thanks uk420 and @@bill cooper

They ve taken off nicely


Good wishes to you and your gardens

Edited by autodog

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Not much to report really,


potted up the ducks from 3" into 6 litre airpots at day 12

I could have have gone up to smaller pot, but I ve been growing autos this way

and the airpots are quickly rooted in the coco


2ml rootstim, 0.7 ml magnecal and coco a+b to ec 0.8, ph 5.8


next feed, the auto ultimates on 1.4 ec. These still have yellow leaves, flowering,

auto night queens on 1.0 ec. Look fat and good to me. love em

Sweet Tooth f2 subbies. Doing very well, will be potted up in a day or two. 9 are lookin good

sweet dreams

dog :oldtoker:

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Above, Auto ultimates day 41 doing ok, bit greener now perhaps due to regular feeds of

Magnecal @0.7 ml/l

1.6 ec incl PM Coco a+b.

Below, day 26, one of three auto night queens.

I snapped the top 4 inches off this one last night by accident,

during last night training sesh. Not the first time I've done this.

Although I wouldn't want to top an auto, it doesn't seem to trouble them much.

I bought some Clonex recently for my femmes and

I used it to root the broken section of the auto night queen

because the stalk looked too big and beautiful to bin it.

It'ii be interesting to me to see what becomes of the auto clone,

should it root successfully.

Magnecal and coco grow @ 1.1 ec



Here is one of the Frisian Ducks.

The plants are nice and regular and very good tempered, as are the night queens, so far.

The distinctive ducks foot leaves are very different looking to any canna leaves I've seen before.

I noticed roots were visible under the airpots 6 days after potting up.

The ducks are 20 days from seed.

I hope to top these soon, and to propagate the cuttings.

Another week or so and they will go into 15l airpots.

This is new territory for me cos I've only grown autos indoors till now

Tell me if it looks like I'm doin anything too daft.

Below, the Sweet Tooth f2's by @@bill cooper.

Going from seedlings to veggies potted up a small size.

I'm just waitin while they grow enough to take cuttings,so that I can

identify the femmes.

I intend to flower a couple of sweet tooths under 600w when the autos finish at the end

of next month.

Might try one or two of these in the garden as well because some folk say these do well outdoors too


Thanks for lookin in


Edited by autodog

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trimmed down to the second node and propagated the tips and some shoots

Clonex, Root-its, moist,

into plastic bag for a week or so in the shade

When I run out of Root-its I'm going to make my own

The leaves are looking good so far. Very interesting plant growing with vigour

Happy days


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all looking good auto dog. And the Frisian Duck is indeed a special, nettle-like variety. Last year we saw some great duck diaries in unusual places, including front gardens, back gardens and rooftops. I hope yours go well

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Thanks Tony.

Ive only seen a couple of duck diaries on these pages, so I'm guessing there are more on the DP web site

These ducks won't be concealed exactly, but set back from view in the garden.

If it goes well, then I'll grow a duck hedge next year!

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