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Mattock Man

yield and vigour in cuts from fully revegged plants

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Felix Dzerzhinsky

Now here are some pictures of my re-vegged clones taken from the flowering Mini Malawi & Lieu Hanh plants. I personally think it should be possible to re-veg any pure Sativa back to it's original state as I've seen plants in sheltered Nepalese valleys, Thailand and Cambodia that were several years old and still going. I believe Sativas may be able to survive from year to year if the conditions are correct as they live in climates with far less pronounced seasons whereas Indicas naturally live in environments where it would be impossible to survive the winter.

Now as I don't have the time to naturally transition the plant back to it's vegative growth state I tried a little experiment. Several clones were left alone and nothing other than giving them 24 hours light for a few weeks before switching to 20/4. These clones are still in a 'flowering' growth state producing very large single or 3 bladed leaves and will be binned......


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If a plant is fully re-vegged, and it's lost some ''oomph'' ,maybe because the hormones have reverted and she's stressed , the plant has picked up an ailment . I'd love to know as I have re-vegged loads of strains and never noticed a difference asides from the weird growth . The end result was the same to my eye but I'm probably wrong . I would like to see if someone else grew a cut that lost it's ''oomph'' ,in a greenhouse for a few weeks and see if she's any different .

I'm assuming the plant has lost vigour forevermore right ? Ten cuts from a cutting down the line and it still ain't like the mother /seed plant .

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