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What Matters ?

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@Cursed I like yer style min aye lol


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Wow big question @Dodgee and certainly gets the mind thinking.


For me I was very similar to many people in this thread that when I was younger it was more about how other people perceive and judged me and I tried a lot to fit in and be like them. I cared a lot about material things and the riches I could have when I was older including a trophy wife lol  Yes I wanted all the newest stuff the coolest clothes, nice holidays etc. I started in quite aggressive sales companies which were filled with ego's and although at the back of my mind I have always been a bit of a hippy I fell into he trap of being a suited and booted wanker with a couple of grams of coke on me at all times.


Enter stage left DMT, exit stage right my over inflated ego...bye bye fucker!


I had always loved tripping on mushrooms and acid but the first time I sat down with DMT we just went hell for leather and broke through and this is where it all changed.


Maybe its fair to say a lot more matters to me know but just on a different level. Making sure family and friends are safe and well is a given but we should all be looking out for each other regardless of views, beliefs and opinions and I think deep down it does still matter how people judge me but in a complete reversal I dearly hope they don't think I am judgemental or egotistical.


Nature has mattered a lot more, I have always been a fan of it but increasingly I care for my immediate environment, explore my local environment and share these experiences so I guess you could say that learning and sharing matters to me.


Standing true to my own opinions and beliefs and not being swayed by other people. Classic example for me is that everywhere I have worked has had a massive drinking culture and I have never really been a drinker even in my teens as I found pills and weed way more fun but being in these environments made me binge drink and this just wasn't who I am or what I stand for. This has now been knocked on the head and I will not have a cider again because everyone else is drinking, the things we do to fit in!


Just a few ramblings as Dodgee got me thinking, back to work now lol 

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I don't think very much in life matters at all.  If you have kids they should matter.  Outside of that art in the greater sense matters, if you had achieve the greater needs of life, home/food and then had no music, books, films, theatre, concerts to entertain you, life would be a very bleak and dull place.


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What matters varies, the way in which such mattering manifests may cause friction since some expect standard actions.

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