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Twisted Rizla

cannabis e-cig juice recipe

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I've used wax liquidiser, but i dont like PEG for reason above, last attempt we did was around a 50/50 mix of shatter and strain specific terps, warmed until it mixed and vaped in one of them little 0.5ml carts, apparently it did the job well, but only worked for a while then had endless issues with carts not working or leaking, so now she just uses a Mr bald and has a dab instead.

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Been lurking around various forums for a while on a mission for thcliquid. 


So I've smoked cig since being a teen, and weed for not much less time. 


A couple of years ago I quit the rollups so smoked only joints, using my e-cig the rest of the time. 


My vape use increased over time and now I use a tfv-8 cloudbeast at 90 Watts with the Q4 coil. 


I want to get off the baccy completely and figured e-liquid would be the way to go. 


I only ever smoked joints really (the various bongs and stuff of my youth don't appeal to me any more) although I did try vaping dry bud with a vape machine. Can't remember which model, arizer solo maybe but found that although it was effective, it was basically like dirty air and didn't give the same satisfaction of smoke. 


So I embarked on a mission to make e liquid. 


A couple of things to note: weed is expensive and generic, hash is rare and I don't have a selection of types to choose from. 


So first try was steeping about 5g of dry bud (not decarbed) in aboit 60mls (enough to just cover all the buds) of pg, vg and ej mix - about 30/60/10 ratio. In the dark in a jar for 3 months, agitated daily. Strained and filtered. 


End result was a really clear Amber liquid, vapable perfectly in my usual setup but lacking in strength. Never really got me 'high', more a low buzz that I could maintain all day long. 


2nd try I got a small amount of cheap hash (don't ask me what type it was, just very dark brown, not too squishy but an effective smoke). I dissolved this into a few mls of ej mix and vg about half a gram of hash with a ml or two of ej mix and vg. Filtered this then vaped after adding a bit more vg with nicotine (still fighting those cravings man). Vape OK but a bit spluttery and the liquid is actually quite dirty. I haven't actually vaped all of this as it was only about the same effect as the steeping but felt a lot harsher and I'm not convinced its actually safe (as I don't know what's left in it from the hash). 


3rd try. I had read that could make decent liquid using the magical butter machine by making a tincture using vg, pg or peg instead of the coconut oil or other oils used for tinctures in the machine. 


So bought a MBM. Turned out to be American version but came with transformer. 25g of decarbed (I wondered if not decarbing might have made the steeped juice weak) weed and 600ml of  50/40/10 vg/pg/ejmix into the MBM and turn it on for 8 hours @ 135F.


Machine dies. 


Wonder if its the transformer so order a 200w one (the original was 100).


Set it all up again and turn it on. 


Transformer goes pop. 


Turns out it's 800w so 50 quid later I have a 2000w transformer and the machine is going strong. It sounds like a frigging power tool when the blender kicks in though. 


Strained and then filtered 3x results in a green liquid that vapes OK, some spluttering but not loads although if I hit too hard too quickly I can burn out a coil. 


So it's cost me a fair amount already and to perfect things is likely gonna cost quite a bit more, hence my venturing forth on the forums. 


I'm wondering if anybody else is interested in e-liquid that can be vaped in a proper cloud chasing vape machine and has tried other methods. 


It'd be great if I had access to proper concentrates as I really think it'd be a simple task to get a stable liquid from rosin or oil. 


So my next plan is try extract oil from hash (I don't wanna waste the money on weed as it costs me more than double) with 95% ethyl alcohol then try make the liquid from the oil. 


I'm think if two to three hits on a 1ml/1g concentrate+ejmix is enough to get you high, I'd be looking to dilute by a factor of 15 to 20 so it's 5 minutes of puffing on my vape to get the similar high. 


I've got to be quite discrete (so can't be messing with butane extraction) and figure the ethyl extraction is a good way. 


I guess in light of above, I hope my experiments save someone some money but also has anybody tried anything similar or different and it worked or not? Might save me money on future experiments :)


Even thought about whether I should try grow my own but every extra step in the process I do myself is a whole new load of shit to learn! 


Thanks for reading and I'll try add some pictures later  :)

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