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Looking For TV Series Suggestions

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been watching a few things on Amazon Prime. American Gods - I feared the worst (it's my favourite Neil Gaiman novel, not quite on the level of greatness that The Sandman achieved but few things are) but was actually pleasantly surprised - OK, so it's nowhere near as good as the book, it couldn't possibly be, but it's a creditable attempt :) (e2a my only real gripe was the casting of Mad Sweeney - why oh why oh why when American TV shows have Irish characters do they insist on casting Americans that appear to have never heard an Irish accent in their lives ? to be fair Pablo Schrieber makes a decent attempt, it's by no means the worst attempt at an Irish accent - in recent times that accolade must go to Sons of Anarchy, the season with the 'IRA' people was just embarrassingly bad, I kept expecting one of them to go "They're after me lucky charms. Hee hee." - seriously American TV show makers, you sell your products around the world nowadays, most Americans wouldn't know an Irish accent from Dick Van Dyke's legendary cokernee in Mary Poppins, but some of us living on this side of the pond aren't fooled by some fuck from Boston, who may perhaps claim to be 'Irish-American' but who's clearly never even heard an Irish accent. Stop taking the piss, if you've got an Irish character then hire a fucking Irish actor, there are plenty of good ones)


Tried a few other adaptations. Preacher (I absolutely loved the comics) :doh: OK, Joe Gilgun is decent casting as Cassidy, got a lot of time for him (he was superb in all the This Is England things, and good in Misfits), Ruth Negga is a very attractive Tulip. But what the fuck were the casting people doing with Dominic Cooper as Jesse ??? Worst piece of miscasting since Constantine (the fucking abortion of a movie - Keanu Reeves, seriously ? the TV series which I also gave a go was piss poor but at least they didn't make make John Constantine, the blonde scouser that Alan Moore created in Swamp Thing, a dark haired American - man, Constantine the movie still fucking offends me lol but I digress). Where was I ? Oh yeah. Dominic Cooper as Jesse :doh: Which fucking imbecile that hasn't read the comic series, and perhaps more importantly seen the fucking artwork, made that genius casting decision ? Jesse Custer - dark, imposing and attractive. Dominic Cooper - erm well at least he's got dark hair. Kinda reminds me of a hamster somehow, he's got a fat face. Not Jesse Custer. Not even nearly. So no, didn't much like the TV adaptation of Preacher :nea:


I think I've covered Constantine - best thing I can say about it is that at least John Constantine was played by a bloke with blonde hair and a British accent (OK, splitting hairs, he'ssupposed to be a scouser and Matt Ryan is Welsh, but that's a whole lot better than Keanu fucking Reeves - sorry, I just can't let that go lol Constantine the movie made me want to go to America and fucking kill everyone involved lol I loved Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, where John Constantine first appeared, and Hellblazer - the Garth Ennis ones were the best IMHO, culminating in the superb Rake At The Gates Of Hell, and that fucking movie was an insult, fuckers may as well have just got a pile of Hellblazer comics and taken a great bit dump on them :frown: )


Yeah, so, adaptations. American Gods - better than I thought it would be :) Preacher - not very good, and not helped at all by the terrible miscasting of the main character. Constantine - terrible, but a work of genius compared to the fucking abortion of a movie that Hollywood shat out.


Other stuff. Gave Goliath a go cos I'm a big fan of Billy Bob Thornton, excellent actor. Didn't really get into it though.


Not much else on Amazon Prime that appealed to me to be honest (glad I'm not paying for it lol ), ended up rewatching the first couple of series of Vikings - still watching it, which I do like. Floki is ace, shifty motherfucker lol (Gustaf Skarsgard, son of Stellan Skarsgard, fine actor) And Lagertha is so fucking fit :wub:



Anyway, that's what I've been watching over the past few days. Not that anyone cares lol I don't think I'd really make it as a tv/movie reviewer lol Caution, this review may contain words that people find offensive. And also a lot of rambling nonsense. Fuck off lol Barry Norman I ain't lol



E2A Oh yeah, knew I'd forgotten one. Lucifer. Arse gravy. Admittedly I've not read the comic series spin-off from The Sandman that it's based on. Quite deliberately. Gaiman's Lucifer, from Season of Mists, is a superb version of Lucifer. Just right, not 'Satan', forked tail and cloven hooves and all that shit, but Lucifer the fallen angel, first of the heavenly host, cast out for the sin of pride, less Satan and more Milton's Lucifer from Paradise Lost. That's a Lucifer I can relate to. But the TV series - nea :nea: not my cuppa brimstone.

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On 27/04/2018 at 6:45 PM, hash72 said:

lost in space, the first series was fun this is very different but still good fun.


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