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2 Tents 1 Fan 1 Filter

Hi all,

So I have been having issues with odour and I have 2 tents on the go. One for flower, one for veg.

Flower is 1.2 x 1.2 x 2

Veg is 1.2 x 0.6 x 1.6

They both have air cooled hoods one has 600 HPS the other 400 MH.

At the moment I have a 5" filter, approx 350CFM and 6" Fan 420 CFM. I know I need to upgrade my filter but it is working as it is atm.

I am in flower and when I put my nose to the exhaust it is smelling purely of carbon.

I'm thinking I need to scrub the air coming out the veg tent, it is getting stinky!!

I can install the 2nd filter and be done with it.............

Or perhaps I can extract from both tents and scrub in a DIY box for the CF?

I have been reading for hours, haven't slept and it's XMAS EVE!!

I am wondering what you guys think about this. If I can save some pennies that would be great.

I have read one thread where a guy had 3 tents and one 6" fan and filter.

I guess having the air cooled hoods make it a bit tricky?

At the moment I have it set up like this. Filter (Inside flower tent) ---- > Extractor -----> A/C Hood 1 -----> A/C Hood 2 ------> Y Piece** ------> Out

** At this Y piece I have a small TT inline fan pulling air out the veg tent joining the exhaust.

Hope this is clear :)

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Yes, just hook up the extraction from your veg tent so its the intake for the flower tent.

Filter your extraction on the flower tent as normal.


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I got it. So simple.

The TT fan is only 180CFM so how about if I want to get rid of it?


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No more holes in which to duct through :\

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You only need one intake on each tent.

Just set up the flower tent like normal but take the intake ducting and link it to the tent so it sucks air from there. Set up your intake fan to your veg tent.

Does that not work for you?


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I have taken the fan out of the flower tent to get some head space. I have it on top now sitting above the duct hole.

I was using passive intake for the flower tent. I noticed this problem when I went to bring the air from veg in to the flower tent as you advised.

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