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Looking after Seedlings for first 3 weeks

Hey Guys!

First Grow -

My 6 seeds all sprouted and are now in 10L pots - they have been under 600w 18/6 in my 1.2x1.2x2.0m tent for the last week,they have 2 sets of leaves. What are the most important things I need to remember in the first 3 weeks or so? I'm a bit concerned about the humidity as it drops to 25-30% sometimes, do i need to get a humidifier? Also the temperature is between 28-30 degrees celsius - is this too high? I also have a small desk fan inside. I'm also wondering if they're stretching bit - they seem a bit tall compared to other pictures I've seen. My light is approx 40 inches from plants - should I try lowering it? I've fed the plants half measures of root excelurator and amino treatment, and plan to start A and B etc, when I have 3 sets of leaves....

In addition I gave them almost a litre of water each a few days ago - waited for it to dry out and then did same again.

Any advice or knowledge would be most appreciated :-)

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you should be potting up in stages, that pot size is huge for a lil seedling.

thing is the soil @ the bottom stays wet because there's no roots to pull the liquid out and when they do get down there, they may rot.

but saying that sounds like ur doing the right thing by watering only a little but often. once they've filled up the pot with roots stick to a proper wet/dry cycle.

i normally go:

seedling pot > medium pot > final 6.5l pot and then 12/12 once the final is filled with roots, say 2weeks?

that way you build up a nice root ball or so i read :)

good luck with your grow, could always do a diary that way people can guide you if you feel you need it

edit: humidity is not really an issue, once in flower you should try to keep it as low as possible.

28-30c is fine never let it go down to 18c and not above say 34c (all pot temps) and you'er good.

600w is a lot of light for the lil'ens and so u have to keep the light away which in turn causes them to stretch like you mention.

i'd start them on a 125~250w cfl which can get nice and close to them preventing stretch once they have a few nodes going whack em under the 600 with a bit of height then lower down everyday until there close enough for the 'back of hand heat test'. of course if u started in smaller pots you could have potted them up to their necks and the stretch would not matter so much.

whats your extraction set up?

if you haven't already get a parabolic shade it's soo much better than anything else your girls will love you for it :)

my plant/s sits about 6inches from the bulb with no ill effects. it's important you get them close as poss as light/lumens drop off fast with distance, but once their older xD

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if you can keep your temps down lower than the previous post something like 26 is much better some say 24/25 is best .

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