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1st time set up

Hi guy's

I've been on this site for a while now, but this is my first question.


I have a secret jardin dr90ii

80cm parabolic shade 400w hps bulb

2 small fans

1 humidifier

3 plants

5" ruck rvk l1 fan and 5" phat filter (made a whole in ceiling to duct into attic, for extraction)

Passive intake

I am using a box back bedroom for tent. next to the bedroom is a neighbours bedroom, in there house. Next doors bedroom starts about 5 m back from where the tent is and walls are solid brick not plasterboard shite !

Will my fan noise, go through too there bedroom, do you think ? also is the whole in ceiling ok for ducting method (eye in sky) ?

I can take a picture when I get home, but im in work at the moment :(



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Sorry about posting two, my mobile web browser is terrible !

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