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Another New Season

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Been tying a few nymphs lately ,a crochet back on some ,corixas and czech nymphs . It's a nuisance with the fisheries board and the ''red tape'' now .A few years ago you could pull up at any bridge and have a few casts ,now you're looking over your shoulder with light line,tiny flies and watching for members with heavier tackle and eh,hip flasks ! It's a scottish thing right ,hip flasks !?

Thankfully there's always places that can't be patrolled but not good for the salmon when poachers are prepared to go into the hills . I tend to bypass the salmon for sea trout and trout because I find you're not fishing on the blind and always moving ,and zoned in on the leader ! It's some buzz though when you stike a good fish with a light rod and played off the hand .

Best of luck on the Tay . I only read about it in articles . No chance of rocking up there for a few casts after passing the bridge and admiring the water !

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So here we are again,another salmon season off and running on the Tay. It was a bit slower than previous seasons with only two salmon and a seatrout coming off the whole system.

This is when I dust my own tackle off,check the waders for leaks and make sure the lure/fly box is well enough stocked as opening day on our beat is only a fortnight away.

Anybody else getting excited and/or planning an early season foray?

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I'm a coarse angler @@Salty, so our season will be drawing to a close in a few weeks, on the rivers at least.

I know that new season excitement all too well though, kit cleaned, tackle boxes sorted out, new line....it all goes to shit within an hour but it's got to be done!

Good luck for the new season mate. :yep:

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Aye @@Captain Bonglington mucker the fever is coming on strong :yes: Ive been out a few times over the winter for the grayling,caught a few too,but its not the same as the salmon.

Planning a day on the Tay in the next week or two with my mate and hopes are high for an early fish

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