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What Games Are You Playing At The Moment?

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3 minutes ago, McHazy said:

@cloudy days aye I might just start a new run I want the boots of the corpse this time lol


In my second playthrough I intended to go full dumb-ass, violent, racist cop but in the end I couldn't do it to Kitsuragi.  Dumb-ass, violent and non-racist is still interesting though lol


Ended up getting the Steam Achievement 'Worlds most boring centrist' after blanking all the politics stuff.


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Any game that has an aspect of your own mind tell you to take more drugs is a winner in my book :yep:lollol

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If you haven't done it yet, get blazed and fail the karaoke challenge.  You will cry laughing.

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Mostly been playing Warhammer 2 Total War, Mortal Empires campaign as the empire.


"For the Heldenhammer." lol


Also been playing PES 2020. I'm getting better online, I do love that thing about gaming when summat about the controls of the game just clicks and it's like "Oh, that's how that works, I get it now." :) Prefer getting matched up against much better players at the moment, cos although I may lose badly I'm learning stuff from how they beat me :)


Lag cheats still pissing me off, though :frown: I really don't understand online cheats, if you cheat your way to a win then you're never gonna get better at the game and win legitimately, so what's the point ? :unsure: You won, yay, but you didn't enjoy the game, you can't have done cos it wasn't a contest, it wasn't fun and where's the satisfaction in winning by cheating ? :unsure: When winning becomes more important than actually enjoying the game and having fun (which is the point of playing games) then you really need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

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