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was thinking of sinning, i have, well a friend has, i didnt mean to pollinate a male with a female, i felt like a pervert, was like being in plant porn.

but ive ended up with hundreds of lowryder 2 seeds. i want to buy 10 of each of your auto's.

Is there a variation in ur femionised auto's or are they pretty much stable, i'd like to cross them all, with that horrible lowryder 2.

ive never hacked on purpose before these low ryder 2.

I know its a bit of a hard question to ask, but im straight forward, how do u selct a decnt male, i want taste, stability and what ever strength.

once i hack for a few years crossing ur favourites to try and filter out low ryder 2, i'll have an auto of my own. and i'll send u a nice slection of seeds. i see it as my moral duty really. seeing as somehow my mum passedme an envelope with 9 of ur seeds.

black jack, jack 47 and ganesha, gonna be my medicine if it mixes well with abilfy the doctors recomandation for my next chemical experiment.

thanx for the seeds, i got no hope in hell with winning, cus the competion know alot more than i do.

ive been practising with my camera, and i might be able to do ur amazing strains sum justice.

by the way, ive told all my mates to buy ur stuff, cus ive seen the results on here and in reality, and they do exactly what they say on the packet.

my birthday is in 5 months time, and i know i'll be havin ganesha for breakfast, black jack for the afternoon, and jack 47 for the night, and then a massive volcano, with just the cbd's and cbn;s to get me to sleep

i dont really like hacking, but to be honest, i want to flood england with it.:), im a joker.

anyway. keep up the good work, dont sell out like sensi and dutch passion did. had a lovely sky walker pheno, and my mates have tried it, but it was more like bad weed.

are u working on any new strains. what out of your medicine supply, cud u recommend for bipolar disorder type 1, cus i find it very hard to sleep,

thanx, and love

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Hi blackmedicine!

Thanks for your words and support :)

Well, let me see... First of all I'm doing a break here to fill a bag of vapor, hehehe... Cream Caramel Auto :yes:

It's filled now, really tasty, my mouth is all sweet now lol

Personally I only have experience with 2 autos from Sweet Seeds, Cream Caramel Auto and Black Jack Auto. Together with SAD Auto they are going to be available very soon (maybe they already are, I'm not sure) and I can tell you that they both are very homogenous plants. I sprouted 5 CC Auto seeds and 4 BJ Auto seeds and they are really very stable for my surprise, since they are autos. If you want to cross them with that lowrider you're talking about, you could use Cream Caramel Auto, or at least that's what I would do if I were you.

The 3 strains you have will do fine, hehe, I'm sure. Let us know how they're doing when you flower them :yahoo:

I'm now starting with some Speed Devil #2 (auto) and Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto, so soon I will have experience with another 2 auto varieties.

About the medical opinion I'm not in conditions of giving you any advice, since I'm not a doctor and I know very very well that the same plant may have different effects on different persons. Sweet Afgani, Cream Caramel, Snow Fruit, Mohan Ram... are all relatively high in CBD but I can't be certain that it is a good thing for your illness. For example, the Cream Caramel Auto high is really a stoned one, it gets me to sleep very easily, but I would have to be very stupid to tell you that it will have the same effect on you...

What you should do is try them to feel them, hehe, I usually make 2 clones from each plant I flower from seed and I keep the clones until I harvest and try the flowers vapor. When I get the effect I'm looking for I keep the clone as a mother and I do a grow only of that phenotype, or sometimes I do 2 or 3 phenotypes, when I really like more than one. When using weed medicinally a slightly difference on the effect may mean a lot... I often get slightly different highs from plants of the same strain flowered from seed. The plant appearance, aroma and taste may be the same, but the effect is always a little bit different and when used to help with a psicological disorder that small difference is well noticed by the patient. So telling that this variety or that variety will help you is also a nonsense in that way. It's got to be you to try them and keep the ones that suite you better, choosing high CBD Indicas is just a way to increase your chances to find what you look for.

Let me know if you want to discuss anything else or if you need some more advice and I'll help you as long as I can :yep: Thanks again for you participation!

Kind regards with sweet smokes!


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