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Recommended Spyware/adware/anti-virus Software

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Ad aware I have used this with good results and it's free it takes a couple of runs but does the job

if it aint broke don't fix it

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cillin found another one, RBOT.PO they only put it on there pack the other day and it was found on my PC when it updated.

I reckon alot of these are varients of spyware, I wouldnt blummin mind but it isnt like I do a lot of downloading and porn watching.

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hi what about us peeps who dont have a pc and are running on mac os8.6 ?is there any hope for us ????

i cud do with some kind of spywear or something


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Spyware & Adware problems crop up every so often so I thought I would gather together recommendations in one succint thread on the topic.  I have tried to link to the download page to make it easier to find what to download. They are all free.


Hijack This

Ad aware

It is probably a good idea to run all three of these every few weeks or as necessary as some catch things that others miss :stoned:  I recommend running them one at a time and rebooting and checking that your other applications are still working fine after each one is run.

It will help to keep your computer fighting fit :badass:

added: have added CWShredder as recommended by Pimp.


If you are being troubled by Internet Explorer being taken over and your normal search etc.. being replaced by "Cool Web Search" then this will help.  If you are unsure there is no harm in running it anyway  :headpain:


just to point out that cw shredder hasnt been supported since june 2k4 & may well miss many new variants of the coolwebsearch spy/adware(tho still very effective for older versions).

heres some variants(and a wee bit of info) worth googling for anyone interested:

/bootconf (adds www.coolwebsearch.com to your trusted zone sites, this allows it to download and install code)

/datanotary (copies css sheet to windows folder, redirects & adds some cool xxx popups to your browsing experience)

/dnsrelay (hooks into ie bar searches redirecting to activexupdate.com or similar)

/msinfo (note drops a file by same name with a exe extension into the windows folder, not to be confused with the msinfo32.exe in the same folder which is a legitimate windows file. runs from the win ini file and redirects to true-counter.com)

/msspi ( a bastard, impersonates a winsock2 layered service making it a right fecker to get rid off)

/smartkiller (awesome variant, closes browser windows used to access anti spyware or security sites to protect itself)

/svchost (points all main search sites such as yahoo or google to localhosts, why? because localhosts isnt running a webserver, so attempts generate an error page.... its the error that delivers the payload to redirect you to clawsearch.com

reason for theyre being so many variants is that coolwebsearch is really a toolkit for redirecting ppl to somewhere they dont wanna go & although theres been pressure on the web hosts of these sites, it`s believed that these over 1000 domains associatted wi cws(coolwebsearch).

have fun peeps.


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cheers mdp i'll remove cwshredder.

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A freeware product I haven't see mentioned which I've found usefull is Spywareblaster.

It's more proactive, not a Spyware fix tool but one that'll prevent a lot of Spyware getting on your machine in the first place. It's getting good reviews and is becoming quite popular, it has Firefox and IE support.

It's freeware and can be downloaded from http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/, there's a small review at http://www.majorgeeks.com/review.php?id=19.

Highly recomended. :yinyang:

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just to point out that cw shredder hasnt been supported since june 2k4

Its still on the go,


... and its still free, ver 2.00 its at now.



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Here's a new one for you all, Microsoft Anti Spware

It's still in beta, but it's based on the Giant spyware scanner that's been around for a while, looks like Microsoft have bought them out.

I've loaded it on a few customer pc's to sort out some very stubborn malware that adaware and spybot could not deal with. I am quite impressed with it so far.

It also runs a real time scan, like a virus scanner, so it should stop anything before it gets installed on your system.


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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta): System requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Server™ 2003

Thats bollox. Have they forgot that loads of people (like me) prefer windows 98?


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Thats bollox. Have they forgot that loads of people (like me) prefer windows 98?



Me too mate, even tho I now use XP. Kind of like XP now tho..but I digress :guitar:

What gets me is the fact that its an anti-malware product which Microsoft now owns.

I use all Microsoft products and don't suffer the annoyingly trendy "anti-Microsoft" bigade too readily, but a "default" spyware program? Which will (no doubt) "filter" the content which gets through?

No doubt it will take some serious registry tinkering to get shot of too!

I don't think they should be allowed (a la Java "Sun Micro" - recent court case), to install security or spyware products during a "default" windows install.

That would be "security-risk central" for the majority of "non-techie" home users.


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Just ran ad aware for the first time 610 infections

ditto spysweeper 1465 infections

ditto avast 40+ infections phew computer now clean.

This is a cool unexpected find good one.


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another great spyware prog, that i think is better then spysweeper is spybot.

Used em both and i def think spybot is better.


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Hi :D A great free antivirus program is Antivir personal edition classic

i use that with ad-aware and spybot

Edited by jakstak

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I use AVG for virus killing (free)

Kerio for my firewall (free)

Lavasoft Adaware (free)

And a hardware (NAT) Firewall (£50)

Theres a nice little site here


This will (if you hit the proceed button then the all service ports) check the first 1056 ports on your system to see how secure your computer is.



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