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Sk's Special Sticky Spanish Sweetie Shop!!

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Hola Amigos!!!

Well my eyes lit up when postie came by this morning and dropped off my jiffy bag, as Mrs SK passed it to me I felt like a big kid in a sweetie shop about to be let loose :yahoo: Many thanks to Sweetseeds and of course to Withnail for sorting this out for us 420'ers!!

The first thing that struck me was the excellent packaging that these magic beans came in, most professional with a nice design, bright colours and a wkd little test tube to keep them all nice n happy during transit! Far better than some other companies whose names I wont mention.

So who's ready for some sticky sweet goodness??? Well the Cream Caramel was choosen by Mrs SK and the S.A.D. S1 was my selection, we both go for flavour more than anything and are both suckers for a nice fruity sweet strain. Both strains look/sound totally mouthwatering to me and if it was left just to me I probably would have made the same choice! :smoke:

Ok... they will be growing NFT hydro style in a ventilated budbox under a 600w hps. On the large table will be the Cream Caramel X3 and on the smaller table will be the Sweet Afgan! Both will be grown using Ionics nutes and boost during flower. Both the hydro tables will also have heaters to control nute temp as well as air pumps and stones to add extra oxygen to the nutrient solution and roots.

Not sure what the stretch on these strains is like yet so for the first run I dont plan to veg for long (if at all)

So the ball to sticky Spanish sweetness is now rolling and I'm off to go germ these babies!!

Best of luck to all taking part in this and thanks again guys !



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Glad you've got them SK... good luck with your grow squire and squiress :yahoo:

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Glad you've got them SK... good luck with your grow squire and squiress :headpain:

Muchas gracias amigo , were really chuffed to be taking part! From what weve seen so far it looks like its going to be a bloody good show with some very close (but healthy) competition!!

Cant stop picturing myself and Mrs SK soaking up some much needed Spanish sun-rays whilst enjoying some of the yummy local delicacies.... Aaaah such bliss!! Ok back to reality, we got a competition to try n win baby (no small task looking around at the competitors) lol

We have started germinating the seeds now, first we soak the seeds in PH adjusted water for around 6 hours or so to give them a little head-start then we transfer them into damp paper towels until they crack.

Meanwhile the new rockwool cubes are soaking in PH adjusted water (5.5) for 24 hours so the PH locks, we are also using this time to clean and sterilise the greenroom (grow tent) as well as the NFT tables, fans and filters and pretty much everything. Mrs SK has a cleaning habit that comes in really handy sometimes! :wink:

Have also drawn water ready to feed with, this water sits with the PH adjusted with an air pump/stone adding oxygen and hopefully also removing some of the chlorine's and other contaminants that come from the taps in hard water areas. We cant always do this but we try to as often as possible as the babies seem to develop slightly better than when we dont draw the water early.

We just noticed that both the Cream Caramel and the S.A.D. strains are 90% Indica and 10% Sativa so it should make for a pretty even side by side grow as we expect them to reach similar sizes. Have been toying with the idea of a SCROG grow but thats not fully decided yet, if not then they will have very little veg and go straight to 12/12 once rooted.

Well, were off for a siesta so peace out for now guys n gals!!!

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Hello SK ;) ,

No fair with the help of ya wife mate there's only little old me to grow mine ;)

I am also growing SAD so will be cool to watch yours aswell.

Peace & Light to you yours

Mrm :wassnnme:

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Hello SK :) ,

No fair with the help of ya wife mate there's only little old me to grow mine :(

Mrm :bag:

The plants do enjoy the female touch, Mrs SK is a dab hand in the garden now :)

Cheers for stopping by Mrm, be good to see your S.A.D. develop as you have a slight head-start on me, have got high expectations for this strain as I've always been a sucker for some smelly Afgan smoke!! I'm sure we made a good choice there!

Growroom if fully prepared and waiting now, went and bought some new veg nutes yesterday too as were still toying with the idea of a scrog grow.

Still waiting for the seeds to open but thats all good as i started them slightly later than i said in my post... They have had thier pre-soak last night and about to transfer them to some paper towels now.

Will get some pics up as soon as they crack open :spliff:

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We got 100% germination rate on the Cream Caramel. Planted 3 of them into Rockwool cubes today.

Have also planted one of the S.A.D. and am waiting for the second seed to open up.

We still have a pack of Cream Caramel held back for next time (or an emergency) and 1 S.A.D. seed too.

Once they pop thier heads up out the rockwool cubes we will get some baby pics up :guitar:

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Very pleased to say that we have had 100% perfect germination of CC X3 and S.A.D. X2 :rofl:

They are now all starting to break through the surface of the rockwool cubes (apart from the last S.A.D. that has just been planted in its cube)

NFT tables are not switched on untill taproots show through the cubes, should not be more than a day or two hopefully.

They are all now sitting under the 600w (at a very safe distance) to give them a good start.

Pic is the first S.A.D. showing through, the 3 CC's are all at a simular stage.


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This is the general layout of things so far.... Will be blocking those unused cube holes and adding spreader matting just incase anybody was wondering :rofl:

We are impressed with the germ rate and general speed of the magic beans progress!!

So far, its definatly all good!!


Edited by S.K.

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lol Nice start that mate, looking good. Ill be watching this one :wacko:

Best of luck


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Good luck with'um S.K :yep:

Sounds like you've got everything under control...... B)


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Cheers guys, they are all standing up nicely now and the first caramel has shed its shell fully now exposing its first greenery!!! Awwww so cute :unsure:

Got the fan on them already to start giving thier young stems some resistance! The S.A.D. are very close behind, We are very impressed with the speed of both strains so far!

Cheers for dropping in guys, will update with more pics soon, might be a couple of days until we top up our net dongle again!

In the meantime, who knows the difference between a synthetic strain (S.V.) and a standard hybrid strain?? Reason being is that Cream Caramel is a S.V. strain.....?

Peace n healthiness to all!!!!


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Hola Amigo's,

First I would like to say sorry for the lack of posts in this diary so far.... This has been due to a couple of reasons, firstly our net connection was cut off so we have been offline for a while. The other thing was that we had to kill our lovely babies (for reasons I wont go into now) and then we started again from scratch using the seeds that we luckily held back the first time round.

Things are nicely back on track now and we have 3 cream caramels on the large nft table and on the smaller table is a single S.A.D. they are already the same size as the fist lot we had to get rid of. we had 100% germination again on all the seeds.

There was a while where we thought that we'd have to forget our chances in the competition as we'd fallen so far behind but after checking out some of the other diaries I'm pretty sure we will catch up and possibly pass some of the others as the nft tables give really explosive veg growth in very short periods of time.

Would have been so gutting that we probably would have not been able to show our highly embarrassed faces around here no more, its good to be back!!! So glad we still had the seeds put aside :rofl:

This time there should be no problems or setbacks, we will snap some pics of the new 1's tomorrow an do a proper update.

Peace n Love n thc to all,


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Hola 420 crew,

Well after sadly ending the lives of our first entries into the competition due to some possible security issues we thought it was time we did an update an introduced our new comp entries :rofl:

These ladies are doing absolutely fabulous, both the Cream Caramel and the S.A.D. are looking really lush and healthy! There are 3 Caramels on the large NFT table and one single S.A.D. with a smaller table all to herself, this allows me to give each strain what it wants and when so they can grow happily side by side.

The 3 Caramels are all very uniform, all 3 are almost identical in height, width, structure and branching... they are staying nice and short/stocky displaying typical indica qualities.

The S.A.D. S1 is slightly taller than the CC's and she really seems to enjoy having a table all to herself, again showing typical indica structure with large broad wide fingered leaves and good branching. It wont matter if she totally outgrows the Caramels as she wont block any light from reaching them, although I dont think she will leave them too far behind.

I have not come across plants in a very long time that are quite so smelly during the veg period, a real strong smell that you would expect after a good few weeks flowering but these ladies smell great already and they only went 12/12 on the 1'st of september.

I cant imagine how they will smell when they are ripe.

First up is a pick of both tables...


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A similar shot taken during lights out shows thier colour a bit better


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Here is the Cream Caramel from above.


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