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Yield And Watering

Hi folks,

I've read somewhere that people tend to only use water in the last 2 weeks of flowering to flush out any chemicals etc. I'm nearly at that stage (2 weeks 2 days to go), and i'm wondering if i should be doing the same with an organic grow, or should it be less time? I'm using the biobizz nutrients and soil etc.

Also, will my buds fatten up much between now and harvest? Of the 5 plants, only 1 has a full main cola on it, the others have gaps. I was hoping to get around an ounce dried per plant, am I expecting too much?

thanks in advance


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hi there,

As i understand it,once chemicals are in the plant,there is little hope of shifting them.So if you flush,then effectively all you are doing is starving her.If you are still using grow as well as bloom,you might want to just use bloom for the last 3 weeks or so.

Fattening up usually happens in the last few weeks so don't worry too much :spliff:

An ounce a plant eh ? What setup have you got? Lights etc.

Hope this helps,


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I feed until I cut, if I think my plants need it.

There is a BioBizz chart in the pinned section of this forum. Link!

Remember that flowering dates are not accurate, if a breeder says 8 weeks on 12/12 it may be 7.5 or 9+.

If you are at say 6 weeks flowering of an 8 week var then its unlikely the colas will fully form up, they should improve in form/size though.

Your yield Q! Is like the how long is a piece of string Q. To many unknowns.

Final dry weight from a known clone can vary between 0.25 and 8 + oz.

It depends mainly on fresh air supply, light, pot size, how long it was vegged before flowering, variety, etc etc.

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Hi, thanks for the replies.

Sounds like its best to leave the flushing then, and let em keep feeding :spliff: I have the chart, picked up a copy when i bought all the gear. I have been following it for nutrient measurements (after a few slip ups).

I have shiva shanti and C99 (both from seeds I bought in 1999 and never grew), I think they are both roughly 50-55 days flowering, give or take a visual inspection to see when there done. They are 42 days in flowering tomorrow, so I guess they wont fatten up much now.

I’m growing them under a 600w HPS with a 125w blue envirolite, they have an entire room to themselves, without venting but with a fan to move air. Vegged for 2 and a half months.

I’ve just noticed they’ve got seed pods on some of the buds, doh!!! I pulled the males out at 3 weeks. How badly will this effect the harvest?

thanks again


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