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Compost is not soil

Whether a compost is soil based or not, it is not soil, as in earth, land or garden soil. Composts can contain soil but it's not necessary and many do not. Plants will not grow properly or well if you use soil in pots or containers.

Compost is designed and made to give the right root environment & contains large reserves of slow and fast acting nutrients for growing plants in pots and containers.

Compost and Soil Explained.

1. Organic or Inorganic?: Do you want to grow your plants organically as nature intended? If you've decided to grow using compost it doesn't necessarily mean organic. Including the formula for making John Innes compost.

2. The Great Experiment: And Which Compost?: Arthur Bowers, John Innes, B&Q, Levingtons? With an increase of composts available to the grower, which one is best for you?

3. B&Q Organic: Is it practical? Should i add nutrients using this compost? Can i make B&Q organic compost better suited for growing?

4. Outdoor Soil Preparation: Preparing your soil for outdoor planting. Put the best in & get the best out.

5. Mixing Your Own Compost: What to use, & what not to use. Banned nutrients.

6. Composting: Recycle your waste & put something back.

7. Worm Farming.

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