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Mania Medical Pot?

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I don't want to sound like the bitch that I am, but where's everyone on this issue? Anybody have some honest to goodness research on strains that won't induce paranoia, but not lock you to the couch?

What's your magic smoke when your mania side is humpin' overtime and you REALLY would like to go to bed?

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Paranoia really depends on the person whos smoking, and for how long they've smoked for.

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Which persons would that be? The ones I know are after me or just those bastards I suspect are after me? :band:

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As a severe manic depressive I tend to avoid sativas altogether when the mania is upon me, when I'm up anyway the last thing I need is to get high, I need to get stoned. I know one or two manic depressives who go the other way, and try to out-high the mania by smoking really up sat's when manic, but that just doesn't work for me. When I'm manic I need a fat indica that will nail me to the sofa. I'm afraid I think it's a trade-off, if you want to get stoned not high then you have to accept the couchlock, cos the chill out comes from the same chemicals that the couchlock comes from. Good indica, heavy on the CBD and not too high THC is what suits me when I'm manic. Not just suits me, is the best medicine I can get, far more effective than the antipsychotics I'm on. And a bit of couchlock is a small price to pay for the medical benefits, especially when you consider the horrific side-effects of most antipsychotics.

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What Booj said :rofl:

idealy a (big)bit of real red seal black :band:

wouldnt tip a bit of gold seal out me pipe either

marvelous hashish the old black

where are you now you bits of fragrant sticky pliable tasty hashishness :rofl:

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Oooooh don't.

Red seal & gold seal, where art thou ?


Edited to add sorry, off topic but I gotta say (again, I've said it a lot cos it's true), little did I know when I started toking as a teenager that I was starting right at the death of the golden age of British hash, and the hash I smoked for those first few wonderful years would be the best hash I was ever gonna get in this country.

:rofl: :rofl: :spliff:

Proper good quality soft black hash is the VERY best for mania. That lovely black stuff that you can mould like plasticine, that tears apart and looks kinda like Christmas pudding without the fruit inside and smells fragrantly of herb with just a hint of earthy, soil like aromas. Mmmm, I'm salivating just thinking about it. Pure herbal medicine :spliff:

Edited by Boojum

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I know a guy who was recently offered a fair lump but knocked it back as it was too expensive at £3000 a kilo, he also said a lot of folk dont like it cos its too heavy :spliff:

must by five years at least since I last smoked a bit of decent black :rofl:

e2a hash yoghurt with black is the best if you can handle that taste :band:

you also get the best whiteys with black real spinners they are :rofl:

Edited by Hughie Green

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I've had the real deal maybe a handfull of times in the last decade. Been offered many pretenders, soft black that was crap, no better than soft soapbar. Was fortunate enough to get an eighth of some proper stuff a few months back, but an eighth was all I could get and that was a favour from a mate who'd managed to get a quarter (and he'd got it as a favour from a mate who'd bought an oz personal). :rofl: It was nostalgia in smoke form :spliff: Someone offered me £3k on the key of proper 'mongy' (sorry, un-PC term, but that's what we used to call it) black hash I'd be in the bank, suited and booted, trying to blag a £3k loan :spliff:

Sorry, waaaaaaaaay off topic, as is perhaps apparent I'm skirting the edge of manic once again. In that weird see-saw place where one minute you're hypomanic, next minute you're borderline suicidal, then back to hypo again :band:

Mixed nuts ?

No thanks, I already am.

Sorry for derailing the thread, kind of a specialty of mine. I never met a tangent I didn't want to follow :rofl:

Edited by Boojum

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A key of squidgy black, a Gandalf style pipe and a bandolier of clippers, ahhhh bliss :band:

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playground, i dont think u will get a straight answer on this one.

im in the process of working on my own solution( arthritis and sleep disorder)

what im looking for is an indica with reasonable level of THC and a decent level of CDB.

i have asked several times for suggestions and got no answer other than " it depends" (in other words, i dont know)

the real reason seems to be that there is no data on the chemical composition of the various strains, by the breeders and seed banks.

the majority of the market is looking for "big buds, man!!!" and "big highs(THC)"

the breeders dont seem interested in the Med Users. as long as they can quote "high THC" thats all they care about.

the only breeder i have found who seems to be interested is namkha of the "real seed company" ( see the breeders support threads)

actually he is more a distributor of existing traditional (landrace??) strains direct from Thailand, India n Pakistan, rather than a breeder.

i would troll the threads on the Breeders Support forum.

there is some interesting discussions and one strain "golden triangle akka" that may have a high CDB content.

i will be watching with great interest to see if any breeder gives u a definite answer.

many ppl have told me that the emphasis on high THC levels has led most western breed strains to have low levels of CDB (and the other chemical components that contain the medicinal benefits of cannabis)

maybe medical users are going to have to go back to the traditional cultures to source their strains.

in these cultures cannabis is still used to treat various medical problems.

i believe their strains are more likely to have a balanced chemical composition.

of course they also have very potent strains used by sadhus to get into mystical states but they know the difference and use the strains according to their needs.

so there u go i haven’t helped either, sry.

maybe namkha can help?

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I would say you helped a lot slicker.

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If you dont want a couchlock maybe something heavy and slow but not totally couch lock at least you want something thats calming for you so you will probably have to experiment but i know for me it would be some black hash.

Id be trying to get a loan as well! Never realy minded the taste of black in yogurt which is why i always had to clean up the left overs it was way better tasting than some Moroccan which tasted so strong it was pleasant at first but after a few spoons unbearable maybe a good job we couldnt finish that one as we had to abandon our day out in Amsterdam anyway :wink: when i got back from the dam with an oz of black i started eating hash yogurt for breakfast it tastes interesting!

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I have been trying to think of which weed I have found helpful to the head, Mandala seeds Sadhu was very pleasant

a nice deep stone bit of a creeper and quite strong but not too rushy in the head, I would stick to varieties that are

mostly Indica or as has been said try varieties from the places noted for black hashish. :rofl:

lol interesting indeed 32-20 especialy for breakfast :wassnnme:

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No paranoia at all mate, since 2006 (my 1st own crop), Grow your own and mix em, develop just the best weed for your taste/ and everyone will love it. :naughty:

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I have a family member that has cerebral palsy and smokes weed for pain. Blueberry is her absolute favorite strain. This family member also has to smoke at points throughout the day while at work. She must also do mental work while being high so this might be a good middle ground for you. Don't know if you are going to be able to smoke black hash and hang on to that mental agility. :yahoo:

Actually it's the genetics I'd like to get my hands on next. Don't think I'm really allowed to link things. Will find some info for you.

Strain: Blueberry

Strain Type: Mostly Indica

Origin: Oregon, USA

Breeder: D.J. Short


“Blueberry is a mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa) strain, that dates to the late 1970’s. A large producer

under optimum conditions. A dense and stout plant with red, purple and finally blue hues that usually cure to a

lavender blue. The finished product has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry. It produces a notable and

pleasantly euphoric high of the highest quality and is very long lasting. Medium to large calyxes.â€Blueberryâ€

has a long shelf life and stores well over a long period of time." - Dutch Passion catalog

“Another mostly Indica plant of superior quality. This fast maturing girl produces large, crystallized buds with

natural occurring bluish hues. The berry taste is unmistakable and very pleasurable on the palate. A favored

treat for all connoisseurs' Cannabis menu. Pick some Blueberry and have a happy, healthy harvest." –

Sagarmatha seedbank catalog

Specifications: Flower: 6-7 weeks (45-55 days); Harvest: 2nd to 3rd week of Oct.; Height: 0.7-1 metres (2-3

feet); Yield: 300-325 grams per sq. metre.†– Dutch Passion seed catalog

Specifications ~ Type: Indica-Sativa, indoor and outdoor. Start vegetate: 1-2 weeks after roots show. Clip

center cola. Flowering time: 45-55 days. Average height: 0.7-1 m.Yield: 300-325 grams / m2 (dried).†–

Sagarmatha seedbank catalog

I can also say that I enjoyed the strain but I can't comment to it's medical abilities as I never considered this when I smoked it. Regardless hope this might be an option for you. I hope you are able to find proper medicine. :spliff:

Will see if I can find anything else out from some friends who might be more keen on 'medical' strains.



Edited by Arnold Layne

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