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4ft Flouro's - Are these any good?

Hi everyone.

Will be moving house so having to rebuild my grow room with the next 6 weeks. Will be moving it to the attic, so heat will def be a problem. To combat this I was planning to use so Floro units in my veg chamber.

The ones I was originally going to buy was the growell system which is approx £100.

But I have now found these (below) on e-bay for £29.99, will they do the trick?:

80 x

4ft Fluorescent Triple - Bulb Industrial Office Ceiling Light Boxes

( 1250 x 630 x 125 mm )

They all come complete with Starters, Perspex Cover, Plug, and at least 1Bulb.

These units can be used with one, two, or three 4ft fluorescent bulbs.

Triple fluorescent lighting units retail at around £100 each + VAT ........... Trade pay around £70 + each

Why pay ridiculous new prices with vat

For an amazing £29.99 ea


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Hi M8

They'll do the job just fine. I've always used this type of fluros for my veg room. Mine are also 4ft 80w with two bulbs and "wing reflectors".


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Cheers cowboy,

Will be buying myself one in the next few weeks, saved myself £70 :bush:

The same guy also has some halogen set ups simular to the floros. Am I right in thinking Halogen is no good for growing?

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Not sure on the Halogen m8. I think I read on here recently that it was no good for growing.



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yeah, halogens no good.

the insulation is on the floor of the attic in my house, so my attics pretty cool, maybe i should grow up there myself :bush:

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I`ve grown in my attic for a few years now and is the way to go for me.

I only have 4 foot to play with, but I`ve adapted to it and get consistent grows. Heat is a problem in summer, but a couple of big desk fans keep things under control. I only use a 400w light which helps a bit.

The biggest advantage to loft growing is not having to worry about smell or people spotting your lights. Oh, the police CANNOT see your grow useing night vision, thermal, or infra red cameras, it just isn`t possible unless you are heating the roof with a 1000 watter!!

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