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600 watt. Too much?

Hi all,

I'm gonna be starting my very first grow room tomorrow with any luck :bush:

A friend of mine is going to be giving me 4 cuttings and a 600 watt son t light.

He seems to think that it'll be ok and just keep it a good distance from the heads of the plants.

My worry is that it's far too juicy for just a few plants.

Is it likely to cause any damage to the crop??

I've noticed most people use 250 watt.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. ^_^



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600w is fine for 4 plants. I've used a 600w for 3 plants before and got 14oz from them :rolleyes: Plenty of lumins, just what the Dr ordered :)

When they start going for it, you'll not believe how mad they'll grow.

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I've noticed most people use 250 watt
Its all a matter of space i use a 250w but thats only because anthing bigger would cause me probs in my cubboard most peeps go for 400w but if your m8 is giving you a 600w for nowt youve got nowt to loose just remember to have good ventalation

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N1 guys

I'm a much happier stoner now :yep:

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hi webby, ohh 600w's they are gonna love that.

just remember that the light should be between 24/36 inches from the canopy top, or you'll fry em :yep:

which strain is it your getting ? and how big is your grow/flower room ? sorry for the questions just trying to help.

take care budd


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Hi Hemlok and everyone else reading this :D

Apparently the cuttings are big bud maple leaf. If that sounds right?? :smug:

The flower chamber isn't quite built yet but I've probably got 2m X 1m and 6ft in height. I'll start putting it together over the weekend....... Well that's the plan anyway :yep:

I want to keep the plants to a maximum size of approx 4 ft in height.

The problem that I may encounter is the heat aspect of it all. As it is I live in the attic ( we had a loft conversion done) and as most of you are aware, heat rises. What can I do about that??

Thanks peeps

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