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Prohibitionist Myths Debunked

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A couple of years on, international schizophrenia rates are dropping while social disfunction rises. Cannabis shouldn't be banned, it should be compulsory.

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Oh look, they're using cannabis to treat schizophrenia. :wallbash:

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Do you have a link you would like to share HF? Hope things are good with you.

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hey hvy :yahoo: how are you? i not been well am feeling so much better glad ditto @ u dude! and all!

ive not visited for a while so its a brave new world? come what come may. things to express, questions to ask, help wanted , thanks to give

and a hidden rolf Harris competition to boot:) all in 1 post

humor first if you don't mind, slightly worried of a comedy of errors but ahem


my historical journey

- act 1

- "during and after the taxdog Wars in the early 70s" lol my forum posting ardor was dampened, confidence knocked ergo- i love mary some myths have worried me even though i understand the stark history of it all great to see others views ... and this site thanks Jd for pointing the uk420 way, indeed lets see if i put my money were my mouth is and finally sub to site in thanks jools%coShould i have a safer name tho? lol a second safer me ? 2 persons :)

my dear golden friends recent journey todate A spot of legal Bother.

david is

+heavy med user, 45 years old no previous me lord ,considerable mitigating factors emotional trauma and social ills, cluless and scared

80 planrs wirral merseyside waiting for lab report- 24 april please help him/advise hvy/someone ?

act 2 -dudes stressed out of his mind with worry, fear and dread

i said i will try to help him

act 3

my experiences last September 2012 feeling weak vulnerable and confused i was so glad to be cared for amazed at the UK safety net, privileged still glad of it mostly

i was honest with all esp the lovely attractive nurse whose lovely pillows bestowed a warm milk of human kindness upon my cold battered parched soul.

in time i was starting to feel better but nurse's titty started to taste a bit wrong milk had gone sour! found myself suckling on doubt fear + dash of emotional blackmail not feeling strong enough to blatantly lie (for a quiet life) or to confront her views she was wearing me down raping me with her coercive beastly dildo of fear and deception.

my black me thought dam brother HOs out to simulate the historical reefer madness of the depraved jazz men

fuck all to do with Dupont a multi billion future crop.fear, terror, manipulation tactics

ffs watching them screaming + jump out of a window after a toke and skunk was not even invented then lololol

almost verbatim Nurse said to me - "peter your not like this lot/them ffs them , your nice your different

so heads up dude -the problems of the patients are mainly due to effects of cannabis and skunk" " so promise me you wont take it ever again"10000000 go on go on go on ......"promise me you wont smoke that shit again "


i starkly saw in the hospital how much simple social problems emotimal & physical life blows, poverty +esp ale and other drugs where so much more a prevalent factor among my comrades

act 429


my confusion fear and doubt vanished in too thin air when i was lucky that the last nurse to review/speak to me (with a very different view )


alls well that ends well

cry havoc and slip the dogs of war ihmo fuck the police too

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Cant get link to work sorry

Edited by themanwithnoname

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I've just added this to the CA site.

Hello citizens of the world I'm Batman1011, I have joined the Universal Life Church and I'm trying to open the first Canthiest Church in Ireland. I have sent emails to the Taoiseach of Ireland and the President of my intentions as a Canthiest to promote and cultivate the sacred Kaneh Bosm (cannabis) plant as sacrament in my worship. I haven't got any correspondance back from the Irish Government yet. I asked them to provide me with information on any LAWFUL LAW'S that were in opperation in the State of Ireland that me and my church would be in contradiction of by practicing our faith, LAWFUL LAW'S that doesn't interfere with our Constitutional or Human Rights. NO ANSWER. I have read about the Cannabis Assembly and about the case that was to be heard in the European Court of Human Rights around 2007 but the CA hasn't followed up on the subject. Does anybody know if the Cannabis Assembly is still in operation and how to contact them to find out what happened at the ECHR. I will be walking into my local police station with a Kaneh Bosm Plant very shortly to challenge their views on Religious use of the sacred plant. I would appreciate any help or advice with this dilema and would love if you passed on this dilema to your friends.

Edited by Batman1011

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Good luck with that

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