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Found 36 results

  1. yellow leaves

    Hi can anyone help me im in early flower and im seeing a lot of yellow leaves on the bottom of the plant im watering with a ph between 6 and 7 and the medium is soil with fertiliser and perlite im also using dutch pro A and B nutrients
  2. Hi There, hope someone out there can help with a bit of advise. Setup: 1.2x1.2x2.0 (4x4) grow tent 4 xl autopot setup + airdomes (coco/perlite) Mars hydro tsw 2000 4 inch extraction fan with carbon filter Oscillating Tower fan Growing autoflower northern lights General hydroponics nutes at 1/4 strength + calmag Ive stoped the calmag now as after research ive found out my tap water is 200ppm so i dont need it, could this of done it? Ive also had my lights on 24/7 but now changed to 20/4, could this have done it? Seen a tiny bit of improvement. One plant is doing amazing but the other 3 are not. Any advise? https://ibb.co/qpN4hk3 https://ibb.co/fXkTVt9 https://ibb.co/3mR30jc https://ibb.co/ZScjrRJ
  3. A question about my plant: Some of the leaves around the middle of the plant are looking a tad yellow. The top leaves are curling downward. Just checking, is this OK or do I have a problem? Ta.
  4. Hi all new here and new to growing! This is my first plant and so far Ive been getting by with just reading what I can online. As you can see I'm doing something wrong and I'm stuck as I have no one who can take a look at it for me so just after a little help. Im using the full bio bizz range and using half the amount they say. It's in bio bizz light mix, would really appreciate any help Cheers P
  5. dying leaves

    From the album Sick plant

    yellowing leaves with brown patches, tips also curl inward
  6. These plans are 3 weeks old. they been in these 1 litre pots for 2 weeks(tomorrow) some of the plants have developed yellow leaves/yellowing I first thought it may be cold roots so I’ve raised the containers up on wood and have Tube heaters each side. the Room is 27c lights on 23c lights off just checked Root Temps just before lights came on and 19-21c the Four Green plants in one pot are PINK Kush then the other four which are the ones that worry me with yellow are 1 x pink Kush 1 x Gorilla Zkittles 2 x Pineapple Chunk all 8 are Biobizz light mix, I rotated the four with the other 4 incase it was a light issue light above them is 600w HPS Any ideas? the roots been up off cold floor now 5 days so not sure if it is that?
  7. So Mr Paranoid is back again pmsl ....last feed on the 18th I gave in and mixed some grow feed in (intense soil grow half strength 1.5ml / litre) to go with the intense foundation (4ml/litre) and calmag (1ml/litre). 24 hours later I had some yellowing on the tips of the new growth .. oops. However they seem to have recovered nicely ! No more feed for them just the calmag and foundation for now ! Yesterday evening the bottom leaves had started turning yellow eeek ! It was watering time (was 1/4 litre every 4 days) however they seemed drier than normal so upped it to 1/2 litre each of jug filtered water with nothing in (very hard water area however a jug filter takes the worst off ..not ideal but seems ok). Checking the temps they were high .. roots were 26.1 C, ambient 28-29.8 C, RH 40 % but they have always been high. I bypassed the variac and put extraction on full and intake on full (it's on a low setting on the unit by jumper so still negative pressure). I adjusted the heat mat to kick in at 22C instead of 24C. Temps today are 25.1 at the roots, 26.7 ambient., 37-39% RH. All three are showing a some yellowing though only on the bottom leaves. Lighting is at 352W LED (wall measurement) . Tent is 4x2x5 . There is a small axial fan blowing air from top to bottom via a diffuser. May change this to a normal fan . Not sure if this is natural or if something is going wrong - if so I would really like to sort it asap - been really pleased with this as a first grow (in the diaries section) . The three plants that are smaller (not in photo) are a week behind and other than one thats a bit of a mutant don't seem to have the issue . Thank's everyone .. look forward to hearing any thoughts before I try and take any remedial action (no idea so thought I had better hold off !) Thanks Compz
  8. My plant hasn't grown taller for about a month. Ive not given it nutes because the first time i did it burnt the ends of the leaves. So ive just been watering lightly as to not flood it. I checked it this morning and the leaves have yellowed. Its like it started to bud already as it smells in my grow area but its only a few inches tall. Any idea how to get it too grow taller and to counter the leaves?
  9. Hi Guys, My auto plant is 2 to 3 weeks into flowering. Naturally some of the lower fan leaves have turned yellow and fell off. However two thirds of the way up the plant, a few of the large fan leaves have started to turn yellow. Can I ask, is this the start of a nitrogen deficiency? If so, what suitable flowering nutrients can I give it at this stage? Many thanks
  10. Hi all can anyone help with identifying the problems with the leaves in this picture? It is only on the lower bigger leaves atm. Using Biobizz range with all mix. Been reading a lot about mag deficiency at week 3 of flower which is where I happen to be but this doesn't look the same as the pictures I've seen that show mag deficiency...
  11. So guys my first grow and I'm currently in wk6 day 6 of flower and the last couple of days I've noticed some yellowing leaves and I need some help understanding what could be the problem/s. I'll try to keep it short. I ran into a few minor issues along the way but have been browsing the forums often to gain as much knowledge as I can swallow. My setup is currently in my loft - 60x60x140 tent - 4inch intake fan and carbon filter exhaust. - 6"fan internal - Viparspectra 250hp led (recent addition before was using a cheap 600w that came with the tent) - Vitalink 100% coir - advanced nutrients sensi a&b bloom, sensi a&b grow coco formula, big bud, overdrive. I've been using half the recommend dosage throughout veg and flower and slowly been increasing. I used big bud for the first 4 weeks and now mid wk6 started using overdrive. - temps were a nightmare to start as they were planted in mid-late feb but now it goes between 21-30. - humidity between 30-40% depending on weather as my intake is connected to my soft - plants are 3 seeds which came from a batch I got from my guy. I'm guessing they could've came from a hermie, after reading the forums worried mine would too but they haven't and all female. - watering I use a soil moisture meter to try and better tell when the coir is dry, typically its every 3-4 days If any more info is needed or I missed something please ask. There is a few things I know I will change like next grow I will only do the 1 as the tent is quite small and they do look a bit cramped. I was also going to do an autoflower as they grow smaller. Some other info that might help determine the cause of the leaves. I recently changed my light from a cheap 600w led that could literally been on top of the plants and no burn to a viparspectra 250hp and I'm worried it may he light burn but the yellow leaves aren't limited to the center. I also started feeding overdrive so I thought maybe a toxicity but it's the top leaves that seem to be affected. I was thinking I could do a flush anyway which would mean bringing them down from the loft. Anyway pictures below, look forward to your wisdom
  12. casey jones

    Hi all, ive attached some photos of some yellow leaves I’m experiencing on some casey jones.. the photos aren’t great but hopefully you can see the issue. Hoping to fix the sick plant before she goes into flowering. All the other ladies are absolutely fine, under pretty much the exact same conditions. Any advice would be helpful.
  13. Hi all do any o e know why my leaves are turning yellow I used canna Vega in veg and canna Flores in Flowering mmm do I need add a booster appreciate any advice please
  14. im growing 6x ww x bb from seed and 4x candy kush from cuttings/clones using dutch pro light mix 600w led for veg 1200w led for flower ph perfect nutrients 3 part by advanced nutrients seeds are 10 days old cuttings 1 week from rooting ive not started feeding the plants yet as when i bought the soil he said there would be enough in there to last a little while before starting to feed can some one please tell me why the leaves are going like the pictures ive added, i thought this was because ive no fed them nothing yet, but the cuttings are alot bigger than the seedlings, but then noticed the seedlings doing the exact same as the cuttings. bit wired i thought and i cant find nothing like these on any forum, i want to get them right before its to late if any one can help me that would be great ! hi, im a new grower, so helpful this site is !
  15. My leaves are turning yellow and look like they are slowly dying. They are under 300w led 18/6. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Hi All, I have two plants growing outside in pots.After good initial growth I tainted the soil by adding chicken manure pellets. Some of the leaves have now yellowed and have large brown spots. Is there anything I can do to save the plants? They are 3 months.Could they survive repotting in new soil?
  17. can anyone tellme what this is. its appeared on one or two leaves on each plant...is it something to worry about?
  18. can anyone tellme what this is. its appeared on one or two leaves on each plant...is it something to worry about?
  19. Hello fellow growers, This is my first grow and I am having problems with my plants. I planted them 2 and a half weeks ago and until now they seemed very healthy, but for the last couple of days, the leaves on one plant are turning yellow. I haven't used any fertilizer yet and I water them approximately every 5 days. Also, the plants seem a bit short, is this normal? Any advice would be very welcome. Here is a picture of the sick plant. Many thanks
  20. Hello I have three autoflowers which have just started there first set of true leaves, my problem is the bottom two are yellowing badly, is this a problem, if so how do I cure it please? Thank you Lucky Dan
  21. Hi chaps, I'm having a bit of aggro with my Green Crack Auto. Can anyone enlighten me as to what the issue is please? The second plant, although not GC is fine and has been under the exact same conditions. Cheers all, Col.
  22. Hi guys, having a few probs hope someone can help. Got my first coco/rtw started but I'm getting slow growth and leaves are turning yellow. I've previously done DWC but thought coco would be easier. So setup is 10 X s/queen#1 in air pots Hand watering 1l daily with formulex/regenaroot/mighty grow. EC 1.0 PH 5.9 getting quite a bit of runoff. 2 X 400w increasing to 3 X 600 Temp 25-27 lights off 19 Pots are probably too big for them but I had to transplant early as they were getting v leggy Any help / advice appreciated
  23. Welkommen... I swear to God I think about posting on here every other day but never really get around to the execution I know what you must be thinking - he's gotta be a lousy grower for sure! Yeah ... you're probably right there too! haha So basically I popped a few seeds back in January ended up with 4 plants in a garage (improvised) in the dead cold of the winter surrounded by spiders and stuff.. We are in Coco 600 120 tent feeding lightly and infrequently (every 2 days or so) heavy-ish watering in veg. Light waterings flower. None of the above details are by choice its just what happened. Like my birth probably! hah Right so off to the races I reckon i'm in for a chop today I will post pics very shortly! Lots of yellow leaves so beware. constructive critics are welcome though! Who's out here?!
  24. Hi I've already posted on here a week ago or so because I have an issue with the leaves turning yellow on my blue treacle autoflower. She's now 3 weeks or more into flowering. I had an issue with temps being too low during lights out. I've now sorted that with Changing the light cycle to 24/0. The problem I have is that 90% of the leaves are yellow. Completely different to my other plants I have growing. She's still growing mind, slowly but defo still growing. I'm watering every 2 or 3 days, whenever she feels dry with 1ltr water 4ml biogrow and 5ml biobloom. Even gave some epsom salts aswell. Nothing is changing tho . the temps remain between 27c and 30c.if anybody can can give me some advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks.