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Found 60 results

  1. Week 6 Bloom Subbie Seeds & Smile

    From the album Smile, Skunk Liver, Smottie Remix

    All on 1.5ml/l Intense Nutrients Organix. Low humidity but unsure how to improve. Tried humidifiers but left white dust everywhere and using RO water was a hassle involving time spent pulling through water to put in the humidifier tanks. 4 week to go!
  2. Smile #3 Week 6 Flower

  3. Smile #2 Week 6 Flower

  4. Smile #2! A Fluffy Week 6

  5. Ok so I'm bang on 6 weeks flower now. Growing in clover under leds. Plant currently on 4ml fish mix and 4ml bloom. On Tuesday I gave 1ml cal mag per l also. She's started to go light green around some of the leaves almost like stripes. Granted there's only 2 weeks left there abouts maybe 3. Is this just normal or can I make adjustments. Seems to be getting a little worse as the days go by. Any help would be super . Thanks
  6. This is week 6 so... min 2 to go but though this looks fairly white buds are small
  7. From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    Horticultural washed sand on top to keep springtails in check. I'm out of cannabis so end of week 5 those low hanging popcorn flowers are now mine for the taking to tide me over til harvest time. :)
  8. From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    Black Jack in the close corner with Lotus Larry just next to her. Halfway point! Whoop!
  9. Week 6 Day 36 LED Coco 3x 375W Scopes

    From the album First LED Grow Scope Samsung Bodhi Sweet Seeds UGORG

    All 3 fixtures dialled up to 320W giving 960W total. Gives between 600-950 umols. Plan to increase a little more to get to 1000W total.
  10. Roots

    From the album My First LED Grow Diary

    Roots are showing through the bottom of my 11L pots, how are they looking? Feeling like they should be getting thicker.
  11. Day Time Temp

    From the album My First LED Grow Diary

  12. Fat Banana

    From the album My First LED Grow Diary

    Ive noticed that the leaves on this plant is almost pointing up, i'm not sure if thats a good or a bad thing. Hopefully no problems
  13. Purple Queen

    From the album My First LED Grow Diary

  14. Purple Queen

    From the album My First LED Grow Diary

    This is week 6 of my veg, i topped my plants and they seem to be responding pretty well to it. My purple queen plants seem to be growing out quite wide in comparison to my Fat banana plants, but they're still roughly the same height 5-6 inches. I've only been watering once the coco has dried to about 50%, i'm still only using Canna A&B at the moment and i plan on adding some Rhizotonic within the next week, just so i can give my roots a bit of a boost. I also going to get a tray for the run off so i can test the EC. Currently im watering at PH 6.0 with 2.5ml of Canna A&B. My night time temp is between 22-24 Degrees with 45-57% humidity, my day temps are between 26-28 Degrees with 50-65% humidity.