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Found 15 results

  1. Does anyone have any ideas why I have found a couple of seeds at trimming stage All plants are female and have flowered and produced resin as normal a couple of the plants are clones from a previous grow that i have taken as flowers then put back into veg I have found 1 seed in a strain called critical and another seed in a strain called ZZZ (neither of these are clones) other than finding these seeds everything is as I would expect Next question would be As these seeds have come from a female plant from a feminized seed would the 2 seeds i have grown be female? I thought in order to get seeds you needed a male so unless 1 of my clones as hemmed where have they come from also if a plant has hemmed would you still get a crop off it? Thanks for any info
  2. Hey guys, So because this is my first growing I would like to ask if you think that it´s time to trim the bigger leaves or just do LST. It´s the 3rd and half week of these autoflowers and I´m seeing the big leafs covering most of the new plants want to come out especially from the Northern light (down left corner) and the Gorilla Auto (up left corner). The northern light looks a little bit down not sure why! Shall I wait and let them grow naturally because this is my first time growing or should I trim or LST Need some advice please Thank you
  3. Hi there learned freinds I'm looking for the simplest way to make hash from small amount trim/fluff. Looking at a 30cm round, stainless steel seive screen it's 100, would 120 be better? I'm aiming for one pass then throw the spent stuff in coconut oil in my slow cooker (works a treat with avb) Ive decided on the screen method as the cost /mess of other methods, ice bags etc. Just need some advice on best screen for a decent yield vs quality on the end result. Thanks everyone, have a whopper!
  4. Hi guys I’m on day 3 of flush now. planning to do a week now Instead of 2 after advice on here. What I want to know is which is the best % Boveda packs to go for once the harvest and drying is done? Also, does anyone have any recommendation on wether to wet or dry trim once cut down? First grow so want to do my best by these girls as a friend just ruined his crop by leaving to dry for too long! Thanks in advance
  5. I have 4 plants all the same strain (ZK) but one has outgrown the others to a point where I’ve raised the light for her but am concerned the others will be starved of light as a result. I haven’t read up on SOG or SCROG and I’ve only lightly trimmed the lower leaves recently. I’m 4 weeks in to flower so what can I do? Is bending the tall girl over an option? its my first grow and I’m enjoying it despite all the stuff I’ve yet to learn.
  6. Hi All As in title: do you trim your autos? i do LSD on mine and not sure if it make any sens to remove exes leaves from the bottom. Do you lollipop yours?
  7. Dry sieve trim

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Hi guys, I have quite a lot of material lying around, (its been sat here for a while admittedly) .. I was thinking about lobbing it all in a crockpot and make butter with it. Before I get started I have a couple questions: - Does anyone risk during this during growing cycles (doesn't it stink out the house)? - has anyone got experience in making butter from trim and can you get it as strong as if you used bud by using more of it? Thanks
  9. Hiya guys been a while So, regarding the question of whether it is crucial to first dry the trim before making bho, can someone provide a definitive & accurate answer, pretty please? Some say you cant use fresh trim at all, and then some here say you can and that it doesnt make much of a difference whether dry or fresh at all...Naturally, Im not sure which is right so.... Also, in general regarding hash and oil making, can you use fresh trim or is it not worth it. Again Ive heard and read opposing opinions so I would really appreciate a once and for all kinda answer, Anyways, thank you in advance and oh, almossst forgot how much of a gem this place is. Keep rockin!
  10. Under trim

    From the album Blues

  11. Under trim

    From the album Blues

  12. Under trim

    From the album Blues

  13. Trim

    From the album Misc.

  14. So I've decided to make cannabutter with the left over trim from my grow. It's in the slow cooker now but I'm wondering if I should quickly go and buy more butter? 250g Butter 24g Wet trim (Partially wet it's been left out for 2 days) 8g of already been vaped bud. Will this be too strong?
  15. Hi there, I've had a wee tub (about 3g) of dry sieve bout the place for ages, and just haven't really been bothered with it. I've just pulled a couple of the girls down and am tempted to run the trim for oil instead of bubble like I normally do. I was just wondering if anyone has ever topped up the evaporating tray with extra crystals (the dry sieve) when there is still a good amount of butane left with the HoneyBee? OR use the coffee pot method and dose the trim with dry sieve when soaking? I have pressed hash plenty of times - but have only thought of this one recently! Wanted to know if you people think its worthwhile or have done it before or if I should just keep them separate and make jelly with them? Cheers!