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Found 1 result

  1. As the title suggests. Theres gotta be something wrong with 27% thc...right? Come on! I remeber the days of being blocked, I mean digital on squidgy black...were going back a bit, but thats what i refer to as 'conventional weed' - not a skunk, or superstrain etc...afgani/maybe a leb, whatever but probably N African/Arab...Grown on a mountainside by the Taliban or whoever I also used to get proper greasy green, we used to call it anyway, sticky icky icky, rich smelling, nothing even in the near vicinity of skunk...again, half a spliff.....and blotto. These strains were plenty potent enough, and are now still - if you can find them, and are in the region of maybe only 10-12% on a good day, more likely to be 8-10%..in the poorly grown fields 'for the infidels mwahahahahahaha' . I have some potent shit going on right now. Its a sativa, and I have to be careful when Im smoking bud tips of this monster, otherwise its fucking cloud cuckoo, in a fairly unpleasant way... i like sats, Ias it happens I have 4 different strains, all sat dom in my room, I lie the creativity, clarity etc... Why would you need 27% and more importantly why are breeders going gung ho for madness levels? - Is there really a need for this level? Im not biased, just interested in opinion and need? Or is it just driven like mobile phones to be bigger, faster, longer etc etc?