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Found 24 results

  1. StarDawg Automatic by FastBuds Seeds

    From the album GrowNumber2

  2. StarDawg

    From the album My Pics

  3. StarDawg

    From the album My Pics

  4. Hi guys, I'm a new grower and was just wondering if anyone has grown the stardawg and how it went? It's an amazing strain. Any advice or tips would be great. I should be collecting some clones tomorrow and I'm gonna be doing a 600w soil grow in a tent. Also have a bag seedling growing of Gsc and a f1durban I thought I'd stick in there too. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  5. IMG-20200612-WA0006.jpg

    From the album Stardawg autos

    Flowering stardawg auto
  6. Anyone know of a good stardawg strain from seed (fem). on same note has anyone grown black skull stardawg? Seems to be the only one on attitude seeds and quite cheap for a pack
  7. Auto Stardawg, Outdoors UK

  8. My plants were looking a little pale not sure if they was hungry or cold roots in my hot shed? Either way they look darker mostly now after making sure i had the roots warm i think I have some nute burn(I’ve eased up on the nutes) BUT..... i have some yellow leaves lower down the plant and some bugs eating the leaves I think?
  9. I'm relatively new to growing, as this is only my 4th grow. Currently growing Fastbuds StarDawg and Pineapple Express auto in soil. Both popped 11 days ago, but the stardawg maybe stunted and wondering if its worth keeping? It had a difficult start, I had to remove the seed case and later open the Cotyledon manually as after 5 days it hadn't opened itself. In the picture below the stardawg at top has shown miniscule growth over the last 6 days and it may never get to anything I guess though it seerms strong and healthy despite size. Environment: Soil, biobizz allmix (Nutes will be when needed, biobizz grow, flower) Day temp 75-77 Night temp 65-68 Water from tap about ph 7.2, not +-ph'd as I understand biobizz buffers to 6.3-6.5 5" plastic pot at this stage, to be moved to 8ltr Air Pots later. My last grow I started Sour Orange and Stardawg in 8ltr Air Pots successfully so wanted to see how well they would do starting in the 5" pot. 60x60x140 tent 2 Viparspectra 300w lights (hope to replace these with an hlg 150w board from diyleduk in a few months when finances allow) 4" extractor+filter 50w 12" tube heater Any ideas if stardawg will eventually burst forth? Or I'm thinking of replacing it with a Critical Kush photoperiod if it doesn't.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has grown any Gorilla Glue #4 or any stardawg both of which are auto flowering. I am planning to plant the seeds into Jiffy pellets and then outdoors when the time is right. what kind of success rate did you have and is there anything I need to be aware of. I had a problem with aphids last year, so any advise on how to prevent aphids from getting on the plant would be much appreciated.
  11. Has anyone used these before? I have had a strain from them called Stardawg which is very popular and been about few years. yet I’ve gone through 20 seeds now and only 3 have sprouted and I’m sure they have stalled. I will say say I am New to growing Cannabis. But I’m not new to growing plants . i also am aware that growing indoors is a huge difference to my normal growing. But I’ve followed their instructions to a T and taken pictures of every step and temp and humidty to show I’ve followed these steps very closely. Heres what he says is the best way to germinate his seeds https://2fast4buds.com/news/germinationguide They replaced the first 10 and now I’m on the 2nd 10 now. After 3 days on the 2nd lot he advised adding hydrogen peroxide so I have, around day 6 there was 3 tails so I potted them in the way he advised and contacted him as I was worried about seeds in water too long, they have now been in water 8 days and when I contacted and asked what does He advise for this strain he just sent a link to claim another 10 seeds. I dont want another Ten if they are the same as these. I cant understand how Stardawg is so popular around by me when I can’t even get these seeds to grow. Is thin strain made By 2Fast4Buds or have they just got the seeds? The seeds Seeds I had from Barneys had so much more life in them and they wanted to grow and to be honest I didn’t give no where near the care to Barneys as I have to these
  12. Stardawg

    Please can someone tell me why the leaves have a brown tinge to them.
  13. BE6AFFF0-16FE-4731-9776-50A22F3D5A4E.jpeg

    From the album New grow

    Day 21 Pineapple Express and stardawg
  14. Hi guys, iv just picked up a Oz of Stardog (Stardawg). Not smoked it yet but my guy says it’s a really good strain, choice for the weed connoisseur’s ? Will update ate what I think of it, what’s other people experience and opinions of this strain ? Happy smoking, Joey
  15. Since my sensi seeds were overwatered and killed by myself I was gifted this clone which I’m told is a couple weeks old Never Done this before so all advice will be helpful I’ll be starting the grow outdoors until weather permits (btw what’s he coldest the plant can endure) Once it does get to cold it will be going in a tent Can you get a water alternative or is ph balancing all their is?
  16. hi guys.. I doing my first ever grow where im doing all the work myself. Its not the first grow ive done as ive had people come in and do it for me over the years.. but as we all know it always going wrong or sour in the end! Im doing 20 purple stardawgs and so far have vegged them under 5 600w vegging bulbs for 30 days from cutting stage! As it stands ive just popped them all into 20 litre pots from 11.5's and am giving them a 5 day flush before I flip them into flower!! after 5 days they will be under 9 600w sunmasters in a 15sq meter room!! flowering for around 70 days Does anyone know what kind of yield these plants will get me back with the space, the time and the lighting I have? Thanks
  17. Hi people sorry if this is in the wrong section I'm a newbie here. But just got a couple growing questions and thought you lot could help me out. All the info about my setup is in my profile, grow diary to come soon when I upgrade my mobile phone to take and upload decent pictures. Would I be OK not ph'ing my solution as I'm in soil? Do I need to have my window open in the room letting fresh air in? Can I give cannazym now along with Terra Vega and root stimulant? (Clones about 1-2 weeks old) That's all for now hopefully someone could help me
  18. stardawg

    just wondering if any one has grown out this strain Stardawg, as i been gifted a clone of her, had a J of her and she was very nice, but told she a low yeilding plant, but could be a helfull medical stain for pain and helping sleep
  19. Yo EVERYONE, Just after a bit of advice, Ive just harvest a 1.2m2 crop and got 18oz on my first grow, Im pretty happy with that. Ive got some stardawg seeds, my last grow was from cutting. Im new to seeds and the autoflowering thing. Can anyone give me any tips or advice on how to go about getting them healthy and started. This forum helped me massively with my first grow. Thanks in advance. SilverbackGrower
  20. 10 Little StarDawgs

    From the album Mixed Bag