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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for a silent running oscalating fan. I currently have a tower fan in the tent but it's making some racket, each time it's turning at the end of its cycle so like every 10 seconds making a cunt of a noise the rest of the grow is more or less silent its that fan making most of the noise. Any yous know any good fans?
  2. Hi, I am in the process of finishing off my tiny 60cm x 120cm x 180cm grow tent and have a problem with the air movement aspect. I ordered a small Ora oscillating fan, that I think was supposed to be quite quiet. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock between me ordering and fulfilment and so I was sent a 'Maxifan' Well, the Maxi is quite strong (too strong really as the minimum setting is more than I need at maximum) but the worst thing is that it is very noisy, angrily so. With a USB strength fan, my grow room is almost silent. With the Maxifan, it is clear that something is going on, even outside the door on a quiet day. I've hung a PC case fan to blow across the top of the plants while I source a better option to clip to my tent poles, but the Maxi is going to be used as a sleep noise fan as its just too noisy to be discreet. Can anyone recommend a small preferably clip-on fan that is quiet? It doesn't have to be particularly strong as it only has to push air a metre or so over my three small plants. Oscillating would be best, though I am not sure if I even need an oscillating fan in a tent so small! If not a clip, I could probably manage to secure a very small desktop fan on top of a pilar of polystyrene lashed to a corner pole if required Any advice would be gratefully received, especially if you have used a suitably small fan - I'm thinking 15-30cm would be best. Cheers!
  3. Hi guys time to look at getting a new fan have changed up the space a good bit and now using half a room rather than a tent. Room is seperated by a large blackout curtain and black and white panda. And sealed to the walls except for a small intake. I currently run a 200mm rhino pro fan. With a str stepped controller. Serves me well but i do get a buzz from the controller had a sparky look at it and he says nothing to worry about he says if you want quiet to look at an ec fan. been online and to local grow shop and both have recommended a few different options. My fan currently sits in a box filled with noise and fire foam. And the only noise is from the controller and ducting . New fan will sit veeticall on top of the filter and have a straight line into loft with phonic ducting. can you guys help with a few fans . so far seen the hyper fan v2 and ac infinity t8 both stocked at local shop
  4. I’ve been hunting for a metal fan to prevent any meltdowns that plastic fans can do. Most metal fans have a shroud of plastic over the motor and the 3 I tested were pretty noisy. So now I’ve come full circle on plastic fans and noticed some new tech with small, oscillating DC fans going for about £50-£100 that are close to silent. Anyone using these fans? I could almost take the risk of melting plastic if these really are silent.
  5. Kindly asking for your advice and critique, Planning my first build. I live in a house share, I have a small bedroom. For space reasons I sleep in one of those kinda bunk beds that only have the top bed so you get floor space underneath etc. My rough Dimensions for growbox under the bed are 70cm / 2.29 ft length 66cm / 2.16 ft width 80cm / 2.6 ft height I plan to make a frame with wooden battens, plasterboard outside then fill with celotex insulation then plasterboard on the inside and paint white or mylar. I did this with heat and noise isolation in mind. My light will probably be a DIY samsung strip light of 100-130 watt. I will obviously need a carbon filter but seeing some inline fan videos they're bloody jet engines. PC fans and the like are widely used I've seen on micro grows but looking on this forum are regarded as no good. I was thinking of getting an AC Cloudline Infinity 6" so I can run on a lower RPM. again I dont know how loud this will be. And I assume I need to be circulating a certain CFM for the carbon to be effective. My top concerns are Noise and smell, but mostly noise. I work and sleep in this room so If it turns out irritating then it'll be a no go. Before I go any deeper into the project I wanted to know whether I'm being realistic. The annoying this is I won't know until I actually buy all the kit as I have no experience. cheers
  6. I posted yesterday about my black orchid hybrid flow 4* extractor which is way too noisey for a stealth grow. I came to the conclusion that i would buy loads of polystyrene chips which i could stuff into a box with cut outs along with sound proof adhesive pads completely covering it all, as well as hanging it from all the great info you guys gave. I then came across old threads mentioning the xpelair wac1 controller. I'm willing to spend up to £100 on the extractor setup so could someone please recommend a good fan which i could run practically silently (i mean like silent to the point that you can only lightly hear it in that room only) and controller such as the one mentioned (not sure if it's still used). I'm just gonna return that trash black orchid one, and get a better one. I also heard that its best to get a 5" fan for example on really low as the motor will barely have to work for the space making it silent, any recommendations? Note: i also already have a carboair 50, however it is 4" and i can't return it so i guess i could get an adapter i just don't know where from if i do get a bigger duct size. I'm trying to get the most for my money, and have already spent loads buying wrong ducting and all other kinds of stuff i wont use as i have also learnt i need to get acoustic ducting aswell
  7. Only in a 40x40x120cm tent, and i need the quietest set up possible as this mini set up is in my bedroom. 1) Is there any fans that are even quieter for my situation? 2) Is it just best to get a 5" rather than a 4" as it will have to work less to get more airflow? I also will get acoustic ducting, and the fan will be hung, but it must be really quiet, to the point that it is almost silent and you can only hear the air flow
  8. Hello buds, First time grower here and telling my journey here. My main problem is that the air pump I am using is way too loud. I am currently using a Hailea v10 for 3 buckets. Could you suggest me any option that's more quiet? Or any way of lowering the noise? Thanks in advance.