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Found 22 results

  1. I am in the process in setting up my first grow and would appreciate as much advice as possible regarding a few items before even attempting to grow. As I want to give myself the best possible chance of success. I’ll definitely be using the following items unless convicted otherwise: - Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5 - Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro - AC Infinity Cloudline S6 6” Inline Fan - Clover Multi Purpose Compost - 5 gallon fabric pots What are the best synthetic nutrients to use is my biggest question? I’m relying quite heavily on grow weed easy to learn most things but all of the soil and nutrients they suggest are difficult to find in the UK I did plan on using fox farms trio at first but it isn’t easy to get in the UK. They also suggested General Hydroponics and Dyna-Gro. I could potentially purchase the General Hydroponics stuff as it is a bit easier to get in the UK. My question is what are regarded as the best synthetic nutrients in the UK? Is General Hydropincs going to be my best bet in terms of availability. I had the same issue regarding soil. I was going to use fox farms but all of the soil they suggest is impossible to get in the UK. This forum helped me find a UK alternative in Clover Multi Purpose Compost and a second option in Plant Magic Soil Supreme. Are these really the best two options? I’ll use an AC Infinity Cloudline S6 6” in-line fan with carbon filter. This is the model without the temperature and humidity screen. Is this the best option? I was planning on using another device connected to my phone for monitoring activity inside the tent instead. Any suggestions? I am going to grow 4 plants as I’ll be based in a European country where it is legal to do just that. Grow Weed Easy suggests that each plant will need 150w of light for the best yield which is why I’ve got for the Lumatek Zeus 600w Pro. That light has a footprint of 1.5x1.5m according to customer care people at Lumatek (even though the website states that it’s footprint is 1.4x1.4m). That is the reason I have gone for a 5x5 tent. If I’m wrong about any of the above you can you can provide me with better information then please do? I need all the knowledge I can get. They are my main issues but I’d also love any other suggestions be it other nutrients or equipment. I’ve read great things about Great White Myco for instance but I’m still undecided. Any advice would be greatly appreciated especially regarding the best synthetic nutrients to use. Like I mentioned previously I’m just trying to give myself the best chance at being successful by using the best equipment, nutrients and giving my plants the best environment to flourish.
  2. Hi all I was wondering if anyone could lend a hand to a beginner? I've got a setup going listed below and would appreciate it if someone could maybe point out any flaws in it before I commit? This would be only for my use and a small 2-3 autoflower setup Tent: 80 x 80 x 160cm Light: TS600 Full Spectrum LED 85w Mars Hydro 4 inch extraction kit with a filter Growing in something along the lines of Canna soil in 20L pots and other bits and bobs like a hydrometer etc Would you say its a good setup? I'm most worried about the light might look into a 150W version of the same brand but 85 is what an experienced buddy of mine recommended for that size of tent Any input would be much appreciated! Cheers
  3. Evening got setup questions on the gas enviro2 setup used this one in a shared room my partner did all the setup when it was installed in that room he’s moved to Canada so the room went and he said have all the equipment chucked it in a new room then came the setup part not the best of doing that stuff looked on YouTube few videos but they ain’t helped me at all got ec fan for outtake ac for intake and with being older ain’t tech savvy at all struggle with smart phones anyone savvy with these controllers thank you
  4. Hi, I'm currently building an indoor grow tent, I have everything except the tent itself and a filter yet, but I'm also looking into timers for the lights. I'm a little paranoid that the new electrical panel that was installed at my place would be able to tell I'm running something on and off with a daily schedule. I know it can do it, I just don't know if anyone's taking notes of weird patterns. I don't trust it anyway, so I was wondering if timers that randomize the exact time it turns on exist? I know they make some that turn completely randomly for when going on holidays, but it's not very precise. What I would like to know is if there are good digital timers that are very accurate with a weekly schedule and some randomizing for the exact time it's programmed to turn on and off. For instance if I told it I want 10mn inaccuracy it would follow the regular schedule but randomly give or take 10mn from the exact time, to prevent anyone drawing conclusions... Does that exist? What do I need to look for? Maybe I could even setup something with a raspberry pi to control and monitor remotely? How would that work?
  5. I’ve completed the setup but I’m lost as to why it’s not turning on, I’ll add pics to detail the issues and what I’ve done so far
  6. evening everyone. so my grow is coming to an end and I'm looking to change my setup. I'm currently running inside a tent in a shipping container but would like to get some more room to maximise my yields. I've got another 20ft shipping container coming next week to have as my grow space as the one its currently in the missus isn't to happy about being so close to the house. going to try and detail the build on here for you all to see how it going and give any pointers along the was as I'm still fairly new. so the container im going to section off into 2 sections. the main grow room will be 10ft Long and 8ft wide and tall. I'm having it spray insulated to try help temp and hide and heat coming out in the winter. the 2nd half will have my drying tent, prop for seedlings and a wood burning stove to help with the heating when its cold. it will also be my trim area and a bit of a man cave. I'm running my 35L alien rdwc 8 pot system and plan to have 4 x 600w air-cooled hps lights so 2 plants per light. looking at extraction I want something capable of around 2500m2 that will work with my sms pro controllers. anyone have any recommendations? I was planning on lining the walls with orca film but do you think i would get away just painting the walls with white gloss for now. anything that you guys can think of that you use and wouldn't grow without? I'm trying to put a fair bit of planning into it so i can get everything perfect and really maximise my yields. cheers guys will be interesting to see your different ideas and before anyone says no shipping containers aint great to burry (would love to but not gonna happen now maybe one day)
  7. hi guys just looking to hear from anyone growing in deep water culture, about the additives you put in your water, any setup tips and just any tips in general, basically just looking for as much info as possible, if you could try and keep it simple for my baked brain that would be great, thanks in advance
  8. Hi guys hope all is growing well So gonna be a bit of a long one explaining how I've set up part of a shipping container as a grow. So back to work tomorrow after 3 months off on furlough. Have been nice and busy while off. I decided at the start of lockdown to have a go at growing for the 1st time. As we have a couple of fields I decided to dot 10 or so plants arround diffrent areas gorrila style. So after a couple of weeks turns out Iv caught the bug ( growing not corrona) 10 plants quickly turned to 20 then 30 not I'm at 50. With the unpredictable weather I decided to make a move to inside with the best few so have set up a 1.2 x 2.4 tent inside a shipping container that I wasnt doing much with. I have cut out all the ventilation and intake and extended the ring main from the house so that I have decent power. I have also built a distro board for everything. I have 2 600w duel spectrum lights with vented hoods running and am realy happy so far. I have a humidifier and dehumidifier in there set to keep everything at 50 as some are budding. I have a sms controler and have just ordered the pro controler aswell to help with heat as in the day I need to run all fans turned up but at night can dial them down to keep temps so that will automatically do everything. I have also just bought a 8 pot alien pro silver rdwc system what I'm keen to use. I've also just bought a 2nd tent to use for drying what also has a seperate shelves section what I may keep a couple of mother plants In. Any tips or of you see anything that you would do differently please comment as im sure there are plenty of ideas out there. If you have still stuck arround and read to this point cheers guys and thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Guys! I hope that I can get some help in my first grow. I bought my grow setup with following inside: - 1.2x1.2x2m tent - Carbon filter fan kit 4'' - 4 breathable 16L root nurse pots - 600w Lumii Black Light kit - Canna coco natural - Canna a+b I have already planted 4 seeds, 2x white widow, 1x amnesia haze, 1x Skunk XL and they are already seedlings about 3cm long. I ordered few more things which I am waiting for ph meter, digital thermometer, 2x 6'' fans for air circulation. The most important thing that I worry about is temperature, I am still waiting for thermometer to check it but while light is running is literally really hot in the grow tent so I think is too hot and 4'' fan that is connected to carbon filter is not really doing the job. Do you think that 2x 6'' normal fans will help ? At the moment my budget is really low so cannot buy some big expensive fans. In around 2 days I will try to update you guys with exact temperature. I hope you can guys help me. Looking forward to your replies !
  10. I am setting up a grow tent (50 x 100 x 200), which is relatively small, and have some questions about the exhaust and intake fans. 1. Does it make any difference if I place the exhaust fan inside the tent, or outside the tent with ducting running inside? 2. Does it make any difference if I place the carbon filter at the 'blow' end of the duct system, outside of the tent, so the fan is sucking air directly from the volume inside the tent? 3. How noticeable is it to aim the exhaust duct at an open window (with no direct line of sight)? Will it create a noticeable, strange noise that would get attention?
  11. Hi guys! Super excited to grow my own bud! Been reading this forum for a little while which has been very helpful but thought I would start my own topic for some personalized help. Right! So... I have just purchased my seeds (LowRyder #1 They didn't have and #2s) and tent which is a 60x60x140. I am now looking for recommendations for Lights, fans & filters. Once I get the whole setup sorted then I will then start looking into what soil, nutrients etc that i will need any recommendations on those would be amazing too! The budget for the lights, fans & filter is around £120 if that helps?! Light wise I would like to keep the heat/electric bill low don't fancy a knock on the door haha! Looking forward to talking with you (Supper excited for this, has took me 3years to convince the Girlfriend!!) and getting some answers! *Just to add I will be growing 1 plant maybe two but no more than that, Can you grow from start to finish with a full spec LED? I can also go more than 120 but that's a good starting point Cheers! JordySmoke
  12. IMG-20180426-184637507-1497x1996.jpg

    From the album Taste da buds gallery

    Just a few pictures from my current plant.

    © Taste da budz

  13. Hello UK 420, new to this forum. Interested in advice from other growers as this is all new to me and fed up of having to rely on the black market. Me and also a friend have decide to do a setup up each and grow our own strains. All very exciting but also very daunting. A friend that grows recommended a x2 4 pot 25L wilma pot system. With x6 600w omega sunblaster dual spectrum bulbs. with a 5" rhino incline fan and 10" rhino pro carbon filter. with various nutrients. Originally was going to convert a room, but have decide to go with a tent suits me better to keep it out the way of the family. After looking across the forum. Overwhelmed with various things to go for. The Green tube tent for instance looks great. Would really appreciate, If you could help me through the list of things i need to begin before i go purchase the stuff as I'm unsure of the list I've been giving and is a big investment for me. Heres what I've got down so far. Greenlab grow tent unsure of what size needed for 8 plants. x2 4 Pot 25L wilmasystem ( also seen auto pots they look good ) x6 Omega Digi-pro euro digital grow light kit is has ballet and euro reflector. ( this seems like a lot ) 5" twin speed Rhino incline fan 10" Rhino pro carbon filter with ducting and clips Plant magic bloom 5L Box of shooting powders 500g ton of bud Rhizotonic 5l PK/13/14 1L Canna coco A+B 5L ( any changes and advice will be really appreciated. what tent to go for, are the wilma system worth while or should i use another. x6 lights seems loads swell as the nutrients. I'm sure theres things i haven't got on the list i need aswell. look forward to the feedback can't wait to get the ball rolling a big 420 thank you
  14. Hello all and thanks for to admin for approving me. Excited to join the community after spending many hours reading up on several topics. I'm looking to start my first (small and low budget) grow and although as stated I have done quite a bit of research I'm getting some mixed information so would appreciate if anybody could point me in the right direction on a few things. I intend to grow only two plants to begin with, most likely some autoflower NL or Jack Herrer as I've read that these are short, easy to grow and less difficult to keep on top of smell wise than say Blue Cheese or White Widow. TENT Firstly, I have a tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm that cost me next to nothing from Amazon. It has a couple of pinhole (and I mean a hairs breadth) that are sometimes visible through the zip - will this have any negative effect? This may sound silly, but I've stood inside it zipped up and I can't see jack, so I'm guessing it's nothing to worry about? LIGHTING I impulsively bought 2 £30 no-brand "216w Dual Spectrum LED UFO Grow lights" to go with it. I saw on Youtube that the actual draw of these lights is 65w but they apparently emit the same amount of light as a 216w HPS. The description is as follows - LIGHT SOURCE: 72 pieces of 3W LEDs, high lumens of 21,600LM, high power Par Value ensured, it is environmentally friendly. BLUE LIGHT: contributing to plant photosynthesis, promoting growth, protein synthesis and fruit development. RED LIGHT: promoting rhizome growth, blossoming and bearing fruit, extending flowering phase and increasing output. FULL SPECTRUM: wavelength of 410nm-730nm, white and warm white, providing natural light for various plants in different growth period. GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION: built in a cooling fan ensures great heat dissipation and long lifespan of 50,000 hours. After further research on these cheap no name LEDs I have come to the conclusion that this description is most likely bullshit. I stuck a couple of Komodo Dragon chilli seedlings in the tent a fortnight ago, to give the lights a test run and also to see if I could control temperature and humidity with the basic equipment I have. The fan in one of them is already bust and I'm going to return it. I don't hold much faith for the lifespan of the other one either and still have 20 days to return them both for a refund or replacement. Would I be best to get a refund, steer clear of these shitters and go with a CFL, perhaps a 300w as this would give me approx 50w per square foot? VENTILATION This is what I'm really struggling with . The tent is in a bedroom, which I spend most of my time (I live alone in a large upstairs flat and its cheaper for me to heat one room in the winter) and from what I've read, for me to effectively run exhausts and intakes outside would mean I'd need ridiculous lengths of ducting and stupidly high powered fans all over my place or start knocking holes in ceilings (which is a no). Is it okay to run intake and exhaust into a small tent from within one room? My tent is 35 cubic feet. I have a small duct booster that I intended to use for intake that is rated at 103/cfm. It's nice and quiet, low powered and didn't cost much. I'm looking to purchase an extractor and have found this formula on google to work out my needs - "To calculate multiply length x width x height of growing area e.g. A room that is 8' x 8' x 8' will have a volume of 512 cubic feet. Your extraction fan should be able to adequately exchange the air in an indoor garden once every three minutes. Therefore, 512 cubic feet / 3 minutes = 171 CFM." By this theory I'd only need a fan with a rating of 11cfm which can't be right can it? After using another calculator on a Hydroponics store website they advised me that I would need a 200cfm fan with a 300mm carbon filter. Does this sound more realistic? Also I've read that the restrictive effect of the filter will deduct 20% from the CFM rating of the fan which would only give me 160cfm, which I'm guessing won't be enough with my 103cfm intake to maintain negative pressure. This shit is baffling me. Would I be better to buy a 200cfm extractor and filter, open up all the vents for a passive intake? Would that mean I'd have to run the extractor fan non stop night and day, or would I have to do that anyway? I'm guessing so if I need to maintain negative pressure. Carbon filters - After much reading I pretty much get the jist that Phresh, Can etc are the dogs bollocks and the cheap £20ers are not worth a wank, even that the Rhino Pro's arent 100% in odor control. I've learned from my experience with the lights that there is a lot of shit out there and skimping can be a false economy but my budget is seriously tight. Can anybody tell me from experience if some of the cheaper but branded filters like OX, RAM, Rhino hobby, Swiftair etc actually do the job (even for 6 months) of removing the odor. Like I've said I'm not talking about a warehouse full of prize winning Cheese here, just two plants. I also know there is the DIY option, I'm pretty handy but I would be pretty pissed off if I spent the time and effort making something that is no better than a £30 jobby I could have ordered from the bay. I've found a site selling Rhino Pro's starting at £35 so I'm edging towards this, but the skimper in me says to try a cheap nasty £45 full kit with a fan from ebay. After all they've sold over 1500 with mostly positive feedback. Thanks in advance to anybody that reads this and can give me any tips, hope I've not put you to sleep. BN
  15. So, I hail from the north of england and have jus started my second grow. A little about my first.... it was complete noob attempt with only advice from one or two people I know and the rest online which tbf is great but only reading other people's question and answers doesn't always help, so here I am! Anyhow it didn't to turn out bad at all, considering poor basic set up and using just guessed estimates on feeding with poor ventilation system, no ph testing the filter on the floor and no intake fan so yeah as you can see any return you would be happy with and I returned 560g of very decent, strong effecting buds yet no smell unless you grind up which I believe now is due to my drying skills but that for another time....So after getting my hands on the basics I'm away on my second hence finally getting my ass into gear and signing up. My cuurent grow. I've upgraded parts to a limit I could afford and changed my feeding etc.....So I have a 3m x 1.5 m x 1.6m roof cube tent. My carbon filter with fan attached is now hanging at the top of the tent, ducting leading out of the tent. At the opposite end I have intake fan with ducting leading into the tent. Inside a big oscillating fan along with 2 small 6 inch clip ons. As for lights I have 2 600w hps lights connected to 2 digital ballasts ranging from 200w to 600w(running 1 light at the moment, later explains) I don't think it's a bad set up but any advice but be highly welcome I will try attach photos if possible. The feed i have opted for this time is old school orig canna a & b, rhizo, cannazym and then my own additives down the line which include bud blood, bloomblastic and big bud. I'm now oh testing my water to around 6.0 I believe it is that is best, well between 5.8 and 6.0? ..... if your still reading my long my long winded essay on this Saturday night then I do seek some advice as always! Firstly ..... I put 10 cuttings into 12 l fabric pots on Thursday night. They are currently sat under just 1 light, running at 400w as I've been told to up to 600w and bring the other light in once they have rooted in there new pots, is this the case? Or should I get more light wattage on the baby's. They are also sat 55cm away from the tallest cutting although they are all pretty even, is this correct? I'm also running them 24/7 right this second as I've read this is jus as good or even better then 18/6, is this a matter of opinion or factual? Last time I ran 18/6 for 5 weeks before switching to flower, I'm worried if I do 4 weeks of 24/7 I will kill them or something bad etc? I have been feeding them less then the table says from canna as ive always read it's very high feeds from them, I dropped a&b to 10ml of each obvs, and 25ml of rhizo. I pre fed the cocoa before potting the cuttings in with this mix. but I didn't feed aagain once they was in the cocoa, should I have give them a slight feed again? I'm now around 48 hours later so going to check to see if needs another feed tonight if it does then the same feed as the first I probs will go for before I up it, or should I up the feed already? If your still awake i award you, and for any advice and help thankyou! Hope to hear from you all
  16. hi there peeps.had a blast over the festive period but its now time to get back down to the nitty gritty.im adding another 600w flower light to my 1.5x1.5x2 tent.but im not too sure how i will go about changing my setup in summer when i need to use cooltubes.has anybody got any drawings or diagrams to give me sum sort of pointers.cheers folks.peace out.
  17. New Carbon Filter

    From the album first dwc scrog grows

    new filter

    © rabthegrower

  18. Hi all So it happened my kit arrived, massive! imo, so a few hours later and most boxes open, tent is up, now fook me, where do I start.... They sent me a CAN-FAN not the RUCK Low Power Fan as promised - should I be worried first? Second there is not mains power coming from it, I now need to get some adequate cable and wire it in, that can't be right surely?? I mean I can wire a plug but I now need to go out and get a plug and the right cable The Rhino Pro Filter 150/300 looks mahoosive too - need to find some decent set up pics so any pointers of anyone you know who has set up a DS120 II so I can get some ideas, bit anal with my work so want a clinical environment Also I need to extract externally so my own bit of DIY to do for that but would like to see some ideas on how to fix the ducting outside and inside of tent. Worried about bug intake around the intake and light as the exhaust site should be covered by the Rhino filter. Haven't even looked at the Wilma system yet... Feel like a kid in on first day of school but one who cannot even count!! Please be gentle and appreciate any constructive help, thank smuchly.. Sweaty!
  19. Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. Doing a grow set up for a mate in an attic, I have maybe 10 grows under my belt. Only done a year in an attic, winter was easy, summer brought botrytis through my in ability to control heat / humidity. So I've got to plan well this time and I don't have anyone to talk it through... So here I am. I'm planning a sphere of scrog using 4 plants around a vertical 600w or 1000w in a cool tube with out a reflector as I've read this is best for lumens reaching the plant as there's less reflected light and I can get the plants closer. I had success with my modified scrog from one plant, flattening it out into a hemisphere and putting it at a 45 degree angle opposite my 600w with a reflector behind. I got average of 17oz per plant. With regard to heat and smell I'm thinking about either having the cool tube running its own feed from fresh air out the roof to fresh air and using co2 enrichment to reduce my need for air exchange. I figured a small 4" carbon filter with inline fan ramped down low to keep a negative pressure on the tent vent that to a separate small tent in which I'd have baffles to make the air travel further, an ozone generator, some ona gel maybe an odour neutralising spray and another 4" carbon filter and fan venting up the chimney. I'll use air con / dehumidifier in main tent as necessary. Either the above way or ditch the co2 enrichment and have massive air exchange using a 5" filter on the end of the cool tube venting into the aforementioned separate tent when my ozone generator and all that stuff is. Any thoughts and criticisms would be greatly received. Tent size and equipment is all changeable as it's not all bought. Thanks in advance
  20. groom2

    From the album Loft

  21. groom1

    From the album Loft

  22. Day38 1

    From the album First Grow

    The tent/setup. Afghan Kush Ryder (front left), SAD (hard to see in the back left) and Auto Mazar (right).