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Found 3 results

  1. So week 1 of flower of Greencrack punch. RH - 40-45 Lights on temp - 27c - 31c surface temp 28c Lights off temp drop to 16c. Girls look happy no discoloration Keeping outflow on full at all times to control Lights on temp and keeping the hurricane flowing during Lights off also to maintain RH. I know that recommended temps are 18-26c however sometimes it is not the case as plants have an adaptability to climates within variable ranges. I have read that the lower end of that spectrum promotes pink & purples to form within the calaxyes. Hoping that these ladies pull through with bright colours based on setup and genetics. Is 16c a terrible place to be ? And what should I expect as a result? Thanks growmies. Halo B
  2. Afternoon all, Today's the day i'm going to chop my first DWC - HSO The New . Obviously i want to get amazing results so i want the best environment available for drying. Current tent environment is : Temps - 17ºc > 21ºc RH - 50-65% - with dehumidifier on it brings it down to 55% but increases temp to 22-3ºc. This is with the extraction set to 40% which is too much for drying. I have lowered extraction to 10% to see if that increases RH and so far it's staying steady 61% RH & 20ºc daytime and around 17ºc night time. Anything else i should be looking out for??? I read not to put a fan in the tent as it'll dry the buds out too quick. I have a few bug colas and wanna avoid getting bud rot etc so wondering it's best to put the bigger colas by the intake or in the middle of the tent to get an even dry? Trim the big fan leaves off? How much? All of them? Also read not to remove the leaves as it'll dry out too quick? So many questions Any advice would be appreciated! Much love!
  3. Hi lads I've got 10 ladies under 3 x 600w in a 2 x 2.4 x 1.2 grow tent. My problem is with humidity. Temps are stable at 21/22 degrees but RH is in the seventies and I've just started to flower. So I replaced the RK150L and RK125L intake with a Can-fan/etaline (1700cfm). I thought the extra air-exchange would help but if anything RH is now higher. Current Set-up: Extractor: Can-fan/etaline (1700cfm) running at 1000cfm Input RK150L (750cfm) running at 660cfm+ 3 x passive intakes. I also use a 20" wind tunnel for circulation beneath canopy, which I run on medium setting and 3 small adjustable tent fans to run across the buds. I have the extractor at one end and the inlet fan and wind tunnel either side of the other end. Plants are kept in 60/40 coco/perlite mix fed thru Blumat dripper system which I'm still adjusting but plants drink 15-20l absolute max per day. My ideas: As air exchange is good I think I a de-humidifier that will extract 5-10l per day is my only solution - any recommendations? Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated - eg. split extractor to draw from both ends?