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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Chaps, I can't seem to find any 10 inch air cooled reflectors and was wondering if there is a reason for this? Is it a daft thing to do when your dealing with the amount of air involved with 10 inch fans? Cheers for any pointers!
  2. So I’ve moved house after about 7 years of growing. Feels like a lifetime, had fallen into a good groove with growing and everything ran like clockwork for years now. One issue I had last year with a 1000w Lumatek digital dimmable ballast connected to a 100cm Sunking White Parabolic was the IEC connector melting slightly and being SO bloody hot to the touch, burnt hands hot. The cables were roasting too. Really concerned me as I was running two of them. I never replaced it as I didn’t need the second light really and had years of jars full from one or two grows a year. I just kept check of the other ones temp constantly and it was hot, but not as hot. Now ive not grown in about a year, 6 months into new place. Built a room in brick garage, brought ballasts but not reflectors. Want to get set up again as the temperature is dropping and so are my well cured jars! So what reflectors our there can handle 1000ws safely long term? Google and search here threw up some other threads discussing 10a vs 16a IEC connectors but differing shape etc. Seemed to settle on modern digital ballasts being okay with 10a connectors as they draw slightly under 10a, vs old magnetic drawing over 10a. Only reflector I could find with a quick google was the 80cm Lumatek Shinobi parabolic claiming big uprated cables which is the sort of peace of mind id like I suppose. But meant to fit in a smaller 1m tent vs my space planned more on 1.5x1.2ish per light. Would love to hear anyone’s longer term views on this stuff. Got to be loads of us out there running 1000ws for a while without any fires! Maybe I just got unlucky with a “built on a Friday” IEC connector on that parabolic or something... Thanks for reading!
  3. Hello, I am looking for the best reflectors to cover 2m per square, on each meter I want finally 3 plants in scrog. Do you think Adjust-A-Wings Avenger is really worth the price? I could buy two parabolic reflectors for the same price like one Avenger so please advise me if it is worth it?
  4. Hello uk420. I am seriously considering purchasing the sun system xxxl 6'' inch dominator reflector. Any one currently using one? Does any one have experience with this make reflector or ones similiar? Also will the lead supplied fit into the 3 pronged connector looks like a kettle type on the sunmaster fx digital ballast ok?
  5. Hello Herbalists, So i purchased a Solis-Tek 1000w Dimmable Digital ballast and im looking to run it paired up with a double ended reflector and bulbs. My tent size is 120x120x230, and i plan on running a 600w MH bulb for veg and a 1000w HPS for flower. im just after some advice on what bulb brands are the ones to go for as i hear some bulbs do not like the high frequency of digital ballasts. also, im looking for a little help sourcing a DE reflector and the DE 400v bulbs as im not having much luck. i assume links are not allowed so just the name of a place will do,here or pm. am i correct in thinking that MH bulbs are not dimmable? Thanks.
  6. Recently i had to dismantle two white parabolic reflectors as they were being replaced by Gavitas and i discovered both had yellow discoloration on the inside only. It looked like they were nicotine stained but this was impossible so I can only assume the white enamel coating has degraded due to UV exposure and heat. The discoloration was only on the inside which led to my assumption. Both parabolics were about 18 months - 2 years old. Cleaning with isopropyl did no good. This has put me off using them again as they have clearly lost some of their reflectivity. I would suggest that any white parabolic users check the insides of their shades by undoing a bolt and looking at the overlap area inside, there should be a contrast to the exposed enamel. Does anybody think carefully placing strips of silver/alu foil tape down the insides would be better than the plain white?
  7. Hi all, I ordered a Powerplant Sunmate CFL reflector the other day, though today a Maxibright CFL reflector arrived. They look pretty much exactly the same, though the Maxibright has more ridged reflector whereas the sunmate is rounded. I would imagine rounded is better as it would reflect the light at a greater range of angles to the plants. Different vent layout. Different on/off button (sunmate looks better). Also was supposed to come with 4m lead (as with sunmates) though only came with 2m. I will prob need around 2.5m to be honest, though will mean I need to use an extension lead or replace the cable, annoying, hassle and a few quid extra expense. On the side of the reflector by the end of the bulb, the sunmate one is more angled than the maxibright one, so will possibly reflect more of the light from the end of the bulb downwards. I'm also unsure of the quality of the Maxibright CFL reflector, as reviews are mainly for the powerplant one. I'd rather have had the sunmate as it's more based on good review. Does anyone know of the quality of the Maxibright one? better/worse than sunmate?
  8. Hi all. This gonna be my first grow, Im gona use a 250w Dual Agro CFL (6400k/2700k) with a CFL reflector from the top of the box. For the side, im gona use 4x20w cheap 6400k CFL for veg and 4x20w 2700k for flowering. The box size is 40x80x200 I want grow 2 or 3 plants. this lightning system could work?
  9. I am interested to hear people's thoughts and experiences on air-cooled reflectors, particularly on the following statements: 1. Air-cooled reflectors seem to be a lot more popular in the US than in Europe. (If so, any ideas why?) 2. The tempered glass in air-cooled reflectors reduces light intensity by 5% (even when clean) and filters out the minimal UV output from MH or Dual Spectrum lamps. 3. PAR output is reduced by around 8% when cooling the lamp with air at a temperature of 50 fahrenheit. 4. Blowing air over your lamps is preferable to sucking as any leaks in your lighting ventilation system will be ultimately dealt with by your gardens air filtration system. 5. A 1000 watt, horizontally mounted lamp can be safely placed up to six inches closer to the canopy compared with an open, horizontally mounted reflector. 6. Higher lighting intensity (at temperatures suitable for mesophilic photosynthesis) can be achieved using air-cooled reflectors - but at the expense of footprint / coverage. However this makes them particularly suitable for certain applications like growing resinous plants native to subtropical climates at higher altitudes. (i.e. lots of light, moderate temperatures) 7. Air-cooled reflectors are great for enclosed spaces and grow tents - but not so practical for larger rooms. These questions were precipitated by this interesting video I found online where the dude performs a PAR output test in his garage on a 1000 watt metal halide lamp (with and without air cooling.) Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I'm wondering which way to go for my next room. Butler