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Found 8 results

  1. Hiya People, I have a query hopefully someone can answer; I'm currently running, amongst other things, 3 Girl Scout Cookies in coco under a 400w Sylvania Grolux which I was going to run the entire crop but I'm tempted to swap it out for a 600w Solistek full spectrum halide finishing bulb to up the yield and hopefully quality. Has anyone used said bulbs and is it worth buying one rather than just using the 400w Grolux or a spare Sunmaster 600w "blended" sodium? Fax
  2. Hello everyone. This is my first grow and the first time posting. I hope you will be helpful and friendly. I am starting a grow as I've been smoking for three years,it keeps me sober, and decided it's time to sort the quality out. I have 6 lovely new seedlings. HUGH, PUGH, BARNEY, CUTHBERT, DIBBLE AND. ...? I will welcome all and any advice on cultivation and harvesting concentrating on strength and quality as opposed to speed and yield. Im looking forward to the cultivating as much as the final bud!
  3. Hello guys and gals, As the title suggests I'm after a good quality oscillating fan, surge protector and timer for my 1.2mx1.2m tent. I thought I'd ask the experts seen as you've probably already done the research and tested some products. I'm currently using a very old smith timer which is working fine but am in need of another. Not really sure whether I need a surge protector but the fear of a fire makes me want to buy this to put my mind at ease. Let me know your recommendations please, I appreciate your support and guidance. Dave
  4. Sad story: Dank 10/10 mad stinky Amnesia huge fat scores delivered all day.... and when you pick up a bag all you find is some dry, powdery, odorless weed (in the most negative sense of the word). Has this ever happened to any of you? To me this happens more often than not. But hopefully this is about to change very soon. About me: I'm Mescaline a 40+ dude from east London. A father of three and a husband of one. Online entrepreneur workwise. Looking into growing my own stash. Being born and raised in big city have no agricultural experience what so ever. However I water my wife's plants from time to time which makes me think that I'll do just fine . What comes to cannabis use I think I'm very moderate, recreational user. I vape 3-4 times per month always in the comfort of my home. I usually do this when need some stress relief or just want to watch a movie in more relaxed manner. Why Grow?: Well, it's a fair question I suppose, having in mind my moderate use of cannabis. I obviously could make a trip to Amsterdam from time to time for reload. A quarter of an ounce of top-shelf product would last me for a while. The truth is in my recent discovery that cannabis oils and tinctures may help combat psoriasis. I have suffered from it for years and now it's getting even worse and harder to keep under control. Also my mother in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's couple of years ago and now lives with us. The prescribed drugs (Memantine) does nothing apparently and I wonder if a cannabis-cookie once in a while would slow down that rapid decline of her mental state. I think in my situation growing is the only viable option. Why UK420:? Well, I do believe in education and willing to learn from you guys. I've heard/read a lot of good gossip on how great this community is. I'm determined to learn everything I have to know to become a successful grower and more. It would be great to be able to share our experience, knowledge, medical recipes, ect.. My first question in this forum: When you guys talk about yields is it dried and cured or fresh? What is the standard practice here? That's about it. p.s. I have more questions than answers at the moment, so please be kind and gentle.
  5. Hi lads n lasses, I was gifted a 10 pack of darkstar and a couple of mk, they are fems, Anyone out there has tried these crosses? I'd love to hear a little feedback on them. I'm aware that the mk has some nice pheno's but haven't heard much about the DS( purple kush*) I'd love to hatch these out at some point as Iv tried both the mk and purple kush from the land of the maple and both are up there. much obliged.
  6. Good experiences in the Dam previously but can anyone recommend a good chilled coffee house with good lighting and air con, taking my fiance so would like to show her some nicer places.
  7. I am wondering what is the best way to make use of my 1.5 key ish of seeded shieet? I am considering RSO/cannabis oil at the mo. Is there a simple method to use on site even?
  8. Just bought £60 worth, think i got ripped off but not sure, i also dont know the weight, sorry ill add a pic