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Found 22 results

  1. I can't remember the reason I decided to start a diary, the decision was made months ago. Sat here wondering what to type, an unpleasant feeling is nagging me that the underlying & key reason is that I need help. Indulge me for providing some background..... I had a successful first grow, many years ago, using this place to provide a noob with the required info. The help I received along the way was invaluable & I fondly remember the contented feeling of satisfaction that a few full jars produced. The words that best suit my style/method since is probably 'lazy grower', in print that looks negative and harsh and I'm not sure it fits. I'm not a bud connoisseur, I find the discussions on the finer points of taste, smell, and effects mystifying, in much the same way as wine aficionados leave me wondering WTF they are talking about. I'm not particularly interested in strains and breeding or the whole wider aspects of the hobby. I had a space, the kit and the basic ability to produce some smoke I was happy with. Rinse and repeat. That all changed last year. I was using a flexible space in a light-proofed room, growing a couple of plants in a flood & drain with hanging reflective curtains under MH/HPS, passive intake into the room with 4" extraction to outside. Circumstances changed and I was forced to put a tent in the room along with a time restriction that required all the kit to be removed by a quickly approaching date. I knew I needed to get started/finished ASAP or the jars were going to be empty and stay that way for a considerable time. I got my existing gear into the tent, bought some fuck knows what 'fast' strain seeds, and got them going. Many weeks later I ended up with a tent full of rotted buds, entirely my fault for not picking up on the early signs, rot had never been a problem and I didn't have a clue on the telltales. So that is probably the reason for this diary, I really don't want a repeat of that fiasco. There are other reasons which at least feel somewhat more comfortable, I have always enjoyed reading other people's diaries, sort of light entertainment, and hopefully, someone will find something in here worth their time. An easy first decision was to not use some no-name genetics, which coincided with a post from @Seedstockers-Mark, offering free samples for diaries. Despite knowing I would not be able to start for many weeks (I may have also forgotten to mention my last grow was a fucking disaster), Mark provided the Purple Punch. Other than the previously stated reasons to get more experienced eyes than mine to cast an eye on the progress of this effort, I'm also utilising new kit that I have no prior experience of: Budbox Pro 1x1x2 Scopex 350 AC Infinity 6" kit with Controller 67 The tent will extract to outside, where the old HPS and filter would both fit at high level, the filter doesn't fit alongside the Scopex. I discounted a low-level filter position as the passive intake is at that level and despite circulation I had concerns I would be immediately extracting the fresh air. I knocked up an external inline filter in an airtight storage tub as I already had a standard type AC filter and along with the exhaust fan mounted them over the tent. While I was getting set-up, the seeds were planted in 1" Rockwool cubes. Water Background EC 0.78 PH - 8.1 Formulex EC 1.4 PH 5.5 2 x 55W Osram Dulux L daylight @ 400mm 77-80 F 95%+ RH Cheers for taking an interest, all comments gratefully received.
  2. A nice little package arrived this morning - thank you @Seedstockers-Mark All I need to do now is set this lot up. Gave most of the parts a wash today ready to start putting it all together.
  3. Seedstockers Purple Punch

    From the album Seedstockers PP

    Close up of Seedstockers Purple Punch auto at around day 18 of flowering.
  4. IMG-2099.JPG

    From the album My Work

  5. Hi guys. I need a bit of advice as this is my first ever grow with autos so not sure what to look out for. so my purple punch autos are just over 5 weeks old and are starting to flower. The part that has me concerned is that they haven’t really bushed out. They’ve grown up but not out . I know they still have about 3 weeks of veg stage even though they have started to flower but I am wondering if I have done something wrong? They are in a greenhouse, being fed nitrogen, the Ph is at 6 and they have been grown in their final pot to reduce stress. I don’t know if this is normal or if something has gone wrong. any advice would be greatly appreciated. cheers .
  6. Kinda as the title says really, Zamnesia and Royal Queen seeds have released a limited edition zz punch pack, 5 seeds for €60.. I don’t care about the price I love limited edition stuff and there is only 86 packs left so has anyone out there had any and grown it yet? Any thoughts on it from anyone at all? Happy growing guys
  7. Hello fellow smokers. So doing my first outdoor grow. I'm looking for direction so will lay out my plan of attack and any suggestions please HMU. Thanks So soaked my seeds, pre soaked my pellets in Bioysos 1gm to 1ltr water. Seeds went in today in a propogator and is now in under the lights. Was going to leave lid on and closed for 3days. Once germinated and when it starts to fill the peet pellets I have some 10cm pots that I was going to mould with palgoran batmix. This will be watered with Bioysos and voodoo juice. I was thinking of vegging them inside for 3 weeks or so dependent on growth and weather. I will be using micro, grow and bloom, voodoo juice and bud candy also Bioysos when required after seeding. 16ltr fabric smart pots. Watering schedule thinking feed, feed, water, feed, feed, dry, dry?? And follow the advanced nutrients calculator halving for soil?? I have basil sown, marigolds and thyme to go with them outside and am planning no making organic nettle fertiliser for pest control along with copper and club pellets, and chicken wire when needed? How's it all sounding? I will start posting pics etc as they start popping. Please any advice on advanced nutrients and UK pest control etc. I'm growing only 6 plants. Plus one I have inside.
  8. Purple cake seedlings

    From the album Purple Cake Seedlings

    First Two fem Purple Cakes up.
  9. Purple cake seedlings

    From the album Purple Cake Seedlings

    First Two fem Purple Cakes up.
  10. Hi all... First time grower here doing 3 purple punch from seed in 12l smart pots, I'm on day 11 and was wondering what sort of amount should I be watering them? I'm doing 500ml in each every 48hrs Just water ATM , Any help/thoughts would be very much appreciated!!
  11. Day 10

    From the album Purple punch auto

    What a difference a couple of says can make!
  12. Day 7

    From the album Purple punch auto

    That was a stressful week! Trying to stabilise temps/humidity while trying not to over/under feed, going In and out the tent like a mad man just starring and trying to think if I'm doing this right or what Still unsure if they look ok or to much on the dark side of green? Ahhh! Stop panicking it's just a weed!! Happy Halloween everyone
  13. Day 6

    From the album Purple punch auto

  14. Day 5

    From the album Purple punch auto

  15. Hi everyone! This is my first grow and I'm pretty much obsessing over every little thing These are 4 days old and I'm just wondering if they look ok and conditions in tent are good enough? I'm running 24/0 Appreciate any input/thoughts
  16. 20191028-183218-compress15.jpg

    From the album Purple punch auto

    © Hands off

  17. Packaging

    From the album King Louis xiii OG x DiscoBiscuit | Purple Punch x DiscoBiscuit

    King Louis xiii OG x DiscoBiscuit Purple Punch x DiscoBiscuit